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Fact or Fiction: Plastic Surgery Myths

There are many myths when it comes to plastic surgery, and most of them stem from misinformation posted on the Internet. Before heading to Dr. Google to get information about the procedure you want, you should research the procedure and providers like Dr. Peterson through legitimate medical sources.

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Lip Service: Learn About Lip Injections

Are you considering lip injections but have questions or concerns holding you back from going for it? Are you wondering what products are the best for plumping your pout? Want to know if your lip injections will last long term? Or are you worried that lip injections won't feel natural? If you're thinking about lip injections and are afraid to take the plunge, you can rest assured you're in great and experienced hands with Dr. Peterson.

Read on to learn answers to common questions about lip injections.

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Matte Lipstick Means Great Lips

The popularity of matte lipstick is growing – and for a good reason. This highly pigmented product is available in a wide range of colors and yields more dramatic results than other lipstick options. When applied correctly, matte lipstick leaves a noticeable mark on the mouth, giving lips a beautiful, velvet-like finish. But if you misuse it, your lips may end up looking flaky, and your smile may look flat.

Follow these tips to apply matte lipstick for great-looking lips.

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Women Around the World Rushing to Look Like Ivanka Trump

First families have long influenced America’s fashion trends and hairstyles, but the newest first family is prompting some women to get plastic surgery, according to E! News.  

Move Over, Kardashians

For a decade, the Kardashian sisters were the epitome of beauty and style. Many women around the world sought plastic surgery procedures to get more prominent lips to look like Kylie or bigger backsides to look like Kim.

But times have changed.

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Seniors Seeking Plastic Surgery Procedures More Than Ever

Television personality Megyn Kelly found out earlier this year that actress Jane Fonda does not shy away from the spotlight – until asked about plastic surgery.

On her show, Megyn Kelly Today, Kelly pressed Fonda to discuss her plastic surgery procedures. Fonda staunchly refused to discuss the topic, instead steering the conversation to her upcoming film.

Although Fonda chose not to discuss her plastic surgery past, many seniors are talking about and choosing to undergo plastic surgery.

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Erase the Face of Holidays Past

We know fall has barely just begun, but holidays are on the horizon. That means it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Peterson to freshen up your face and skin before the fast pace of Christmas card pictures, family gatherings, office parties and holiday get-togethers begin. These skin procedures will have you looking great till the new year.

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If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

We are living in the anti-aging age: Most people want to stay looking young and thin, and reverse the signs of aging as much as they can. The overwhelming desire to look more youthful often leads to a rise in procedures that make promises of fast fixes when it comes to correcting fine lines, getting rid of fat or perking up your posterior. These procedures yield little to no results, and some of them also leave you at risk of serious complications. Dr. Peterson recommends that patients looking for anti-aging or body-shaping treatments select only FDA-approved procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeons.

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Don't Fear Forehead Wrinkles

You probably experience a range of emotions every day, and with that, you probably make a range of facial expressions. According to a 2014 study from The Ohio State University, humans can make 21 distinct facial expressions that convey happiness, sadness, surprise, shock and anger. These expressions also cause your forehead to wrinkle temporarily, but over time these temporary lines can develop into permanent creases. Dr. Peterson can help keep your forehead wrinkle-free through skin-rejuvenating treatments. 

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Pregnant Women Should Wait to Have Plastic Surgery Procedures

Kylie Jenner may lose her famous pout due to her pregnancy, according to the U.K.’s The Metro. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star announced her pregnancy in September. A plastic surgery expert who has worked with Jenner previously recommends that she stop using dermal fillers during her pregnancy, because the implications of dermal fillers during pregnancy are unknown.

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'Boob Goggles' Give Patients a New View Before Surgery

New virtual reality goggles are giving potential plastic surgery patients a glimpse of what they would look like with breast implants, according to the U.K.’s The Mirror. The ground-breaking technology, dubbed "boob goggles," launched in England earlier this year. The virtual reality goggles allow patients to view themselves with different-sized breast implants using simulation.

Patients who have used the technology say seeing their simulated image helped to quell nervousness and anxiety before their surgery. The users also felt that their simulated image matched their post-op results.

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Make Rhinoplasty Recovery as Smooth as Possible

Are you ready for your rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Peterson? If you’re already scheduled to have surgery or are just researching the nose job procedure, here are a few tips that can make your recovery process easier and help guarantee great-looking results.

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The 411 on Fillers

If you’re considering dermal fillers or botulinum toxins to turn back time (or at least slow it down), you’re not alone. Cosmetic injectables were up over 8 percent in 2016 from the previous year, and there’s no sign of that demand decreasing at Dr. Peterson’s office. These procedures are popular because they’re a minimally invasive way to reduce or erase fine lines and wrinkles, can be used on many areas of the face, and can give patients the results they want pretty quickly. But exactly how fast do they work and how long do they last?

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The 411 on Fat Transfers

Staying up to date and informed about new and exciting plastic surgery procedures is an important part of Dr. Peterson’s practice. One such exciting procedure is fat transfers, which have increased by 13 percent since 2016, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Fat transfers are on the cutting edge of plastic surgery and are improving the outcomes of many plastic surgery procedures.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Reduce Risk With Lifestyle Changes

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when breast cancer research organizations around the world shine a spotlight on the disease and raise money for research, diagnosis and treatment. Another important goal of the month is to promote prevention by sharing strategies and tips that help to lower the risk of developing the disease.

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Plastic Surgery May Prompt Patients to Quit Smoking

Plastic surgery can make you look like a different person, but a new study from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, says plastic surgery can also help people stop smoking. The Canadian researchers found that patients who quit smoking before their plastic surgery procedure were more likely to stop smoking for good.

Plastic surgeons frequently ask their patients to quit smoking for a minimum of two weeks before their surgery to facilitate healing and minimize the risk of complications and infection.

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Look for Licensed Providers

People searching for a plastic surgeon should look beyond social media, says a Northwestern University Study. Researchers from the university found that board-certified plastic surgeons posted only 17.8 percent of the 1.8 billion plastic surgery-related posts on Instagram.   

For Safety's Sake

The researchers investigated 21 of the most popular hashtags related to plastic surgery, including #plasticsurgery, #facelift and #liposuction.

While board-certified plastic surgeons posted only 17.8 percent of content, the remaining 82.2 percent came from otolaryngologists, dermatologists, general practitioners, general surgeons and dentists, as well as salons, spas and aestheticians.

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Can Chewing Gum Get Rid of a Double Chin?

Trying to get rid of a double chin on your own can be pretty frustrating. Age makes your chin skin go slack, and the fat in your chin is stubborn and refuses to tone. Genetics also play a big part in that pesky double chin (thanks, mom!). Dr. Peterson sees many people who want to erase excess fat below their jaw line. 

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Can Pore Size Really Be Changed?

Skin goes through many changes as we age. Collagen production slows down, skin becomes less elastic, and wrinkles and creases seem to form much faster. One other effect of aging is that our pores get larger, causing our complexions to look bumpy and blotchy. If your pores have increased in size because of aging, sun damage or acne, Dr. Peterson offers several skin solutions for you.

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Facial Fat Transfers Increasing in Popularity

Facial fat transfers are increasing in popularity – especially in combination with face-lift surgeries. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that in 2016, facial fat transfers – alone or in conjunction with face-lift surgeries – increased by 13 percent over 2015.  Dr. Peterson uses fat to enhance the face-lift procedure and give patients powerful anti-aging benefits.

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Beyond Brachioplasty: Dermal Fillers Offer New Way to Stop Sagging Upper Arms

Typically used to treat the face, dermal fillers are also proving to be useful and popular for treating sagging upper arms, according to the New York Post.  

What Causes Sagging Upper Arms? 

Loose or sagging upper arm skin, also known as "bat wings," occurs as a byproduct of the aging process. Skin quality and muscle tone diminish over time, leaving the area slack and sagging.

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