Michelle knew Dr. Jack Peterson for several years.  She had seen him years earlier to remove a tumor from her forehead.  About a year ago, she had a small cancerous tumor on her lip and decided to return to a doctor she trusted to have the growth removed.  When she got up that morning, little did she know her visit to Dr. Peterson’s office that day would make a huge change in her life!

At 64, Michelle was ready to do something for herself.  While in Dr. Peterson’s office, she saw some brochures for the successful facelift procedures that Dr. Peterson has performed for many years.  “Out of curiosity, I asked about a facelift,” Michelle said.   “I didn’t go in for a facelift but while I was there, I thought, I could do this for myself!”

Michelle knew she wanted to do something with the hanging skin on her neck and throat.  At her age, she was ready to look a little younger but within reason.  So, wanting to do something for herself, Michelle sat down with Dr. Peterson to have a consultation and learn about the procedure.


“Dr. Peterson made me feel very comfortable and he was so realistic about what could be done for me with a facelift,” said Michelle.  “When we sat down to talk about the surgery, he answered all my questions and told me what could be done.   He told me for certain, he could correct the loose skin on my neck and throat.

Michelle was already very comfortable with Dr. Peterson and his team but she had never spent time with them in a cosmetic consultation.  She found that they were very attentive  to her questions and really knew how to make a patient understand her options. 

“It was a spur of the moment decision!” Michelle said.  “And Dr. Peterson… I love him!  He is always extremely nice.  He tells you precisely what he can and can’t do.  I would recommend him to anybody.”



Michelle was thrilled with the results from her facelift.  Her spur-of-the-moment decision paid off in a great look that took years off her appearance.   And, her recovery was surprisingly easy.  “I couldn’t take the pain meds,” Michelle said.  “So, I had to make due with ibuprofen.  And, really, it was not that bad.  I live alone and I had no problems.”

Michelle had no complications and enjoys telling women about her story with cosmetic surgery because it was so satisfying for her.  “I would tell someone considering the surgery to go for it.  Do your research and be realistic.  And, I would recommend Dr. Peterson!”

Following her surgery, Michelle even tried the injectable filler, Scrulptra, to smooth out some of her facial skin.    It’s great to see Michelle continuing to do some special things for herself.


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