Tummy Tuck

Dr. Peterson performs many tummy tucks each year. The medical term for this procedure is abdominoplasty.  This is a surgery that is done for both men and woman who have experienced weight gain followed by significant weight loss. 

With age, and commonly after childbirth, skin can lose its elasticity and remain permanently stretched out.  In addition, the muscles of the abdomen can become weak and spread apart from each other, resulting in weakened support for the stomach. The lower stomach wall may also develop stretch marks below the belly button. No matter how much weight you lose or how many sit-ups you do, the skin and stretched out muscles will not shrink back into place.

An abdominoplasty involves removal of the excess skin and fat of the lower stomach and tightening of the stomach muscles. An incision is placed low along the bikini line. The skin of the upper abdomen is stretched down to meet the lower skin edge and the excess skin (along with any stretch marks) below the belly button are removed along with the surgical tightening of  the stomach muscles.

A tummy tuck offers the patient an opportunity to enjoy wearing their clothes or swimming suit with confidence.

Generally, patients will be on a lifting and exercise restriction for 6 weeks after surgery. You will be wearing a compression garment for 4 weeks. Most people can return to work in 10 days on light duty.

If you would like to learn more about the tummy tuck procedure, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Peterson today.