Scar Revisions

Many patients come to Dr Peterson for scar revision. Unsightly scars can be a source of insecurity, whether the scar is on a visible part of the body or in a more private area. If you have a scar from an injury or surgery that you want to be revised or minimized, Dr. Peterson offers several techniques after you have waited the appropriate amount of time for the scar to fade on its own. Usually, he will ask that you wait a year or maybe more time before proceeding with scar revision.

Dr. Peterson offers both surgical and injectable techniques to revise scars. The options for revising a scar depend on several factors that Dr. Peterson evaluates in a consultation. For keloid scars or hypertrophic scars, Dr. Peterson often uses steroid injections to reduce the appearance of the scar. For a surgical option, Dr. Peterson removes scar tissue, closing the skin with incisions that leave less visible scars.

For specifics on scar revision, it is best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Peterson to discuss the best options.