Sunscreen Products

Dr. Peterson recommends protecting your skin to avoid skin cancers, age spots and skin damage. UVA radiation is the deeper penetrating wavelength that you are exposed to every day, every month, all year long. UVA radiation is more often associated with skin changes of wrinkling, pigmentation and long term damage. UVB radiation is associated with sunburns. We offer several choices of sunscreen to fit your lifestyle.

Solar Protection Formula Sunscreen is offered in SPF 65 or SPF 58 water-resistant. Both products dry clear and are non-comedogenic, oil-, PABA- and fragrance-free. These products block the complete light spectrum of UVA and UVB and offer unparalleled protection for the medically photosensitive individual.

Tizo Mineral Protection is offered in two products:

Tizo SPF35 for ultra sensitive skin – Water resistant, this product goes on clear and is a great product for men.

Tizo3 SP40 offers the same benefits in a creamy formulation that is perfect for the active woman who wants skin protection with a lightly tinted coverage to replace makeup.

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