Laser Hair Removal 101

Sick of shaving? Scared of waxing? Not a fan of Nair? If you’re tired of dealing with body hair, you have another option with Dr. Peterson and laser hair-removal treatment. If you’re skeptical or nervous about having the laser hair procedure, here are a few things that may convince you to make the call for a consultation:


Laser Hair Removal Is Useful for Many Body Areas. Laser hair removal is a very versatile treatment and can be used to remove unwanted hair from the legs, bikini area, face, underarms, back and other areas where unwanted hair can grow.

Laser Hair Removal Is for Men and Women. Both men and women can benefit from laser hair-removal treatment. Some men choose laser hair removal for their back, chest and shoulders, while women often choose legs, bikini area and underarms.

Laser Hair Removal Is Precise. Using a laser gives Dr. Peterson the ability to target your hair directly without impacting your surrounding skin.

Laser Hair Removal Is Fast. Using a laser speeds up hair removal. Each laser pulse takes a fraction of a second and can target many hairs at a time. This means small areas such as the chin or upper lip can be treated in a minute or less. Larger areas such as the back may take longer.

Laser Hair Removal Is Not Painful. Most patients say their laser experience feels like tiny rubber bands snapping against the skin when the laser zaps the hair follicle. While that may sound painful, most patients say laser hair removal is very tolerable, plus the process is very quick and will be over before you know it. After the procedure, you can expect redness or itchiness, but these effects resolve within two hours of treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Is Predictable. Laser hair-removal results are consistent and predictable. The majority of laser hair-removal patients see permanent hair loss after three laser sessions. Some patients may require more laser hair-removal sessions than others if their hair is exceptionally thick.

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