Do you ever want to turn back the hands of time and erase the signs of aging and excess skin in your face and neck? 

If you’ve answered yes, then face-lift surgery may be an ideal treatment option for you in the fight against visible signs of aging.
The face-lift is a surgical cosmetic procedure that can help reduce the signs of aging in the face by targeting and tightening sagging facial tissues or wrinkled skin, leaving you with a more youthful appearance. 
Dr. Jack Peterson is a dual-board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic facial procedures and has the advanced anatomical knowledge and skill needed to leave you with beautiful, natural-looking results. 


What Is a Face-Lift?

A face-lift, known medically as a rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to reduce the signs of aging in the face and neck.

The procedure can help treat: 

  • Sagging skin of the face 
  • Deep folds or lines around the mouth and nose (the nasolabial folds)
  • Loss of facial fat volume or fat that has shifted on the face
  • “Jowls” that develop in the cheeks and jaw
  • Loose skin, drooping facial tissues and excess fat of the neck that builds up as a double chin or “turkey neck”

These things can develop due to several factors related to aging, including the thinning of the skin, loss of facial fat volume, gravity, sun damage, smoking, genetics and stress.

Who Is a Candidate for Face-Lift Surgery?

The face-lift is an ideal treatment option for both men and women who want to refresh their appearance. Good candidates for the procedure have the signs of aging we mentioned above, are in good health and have reasonable expectations of their surgery. 
During your face-lift consultation, Dr. Peterson will discuss your goals for treatment, review your health history, and examine your facial anatomy, bone structure and natural contours of your face. 
At this time, Dr. Peterson will also develop a treatment plan for you and talk about your options and the potential for combining your face-lift with other treatments, such as dermal fillers, fat transfer, laser skin resurfacing or skin-tightening to enhance your appearance further. 

What Happens During the Face-Lift Procedure?

Face-lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes two to three hours to complete. During your surgery, loose skin and underlying tissues are pulled and tightened. Fat in the face and neck is sculpted, removed or redistributed. Facial skin is then re-draped over the newly repositioned contours of the face. Excess skin is also removed. 

What Can I Expect During Recovery from Face-Lift Surgery?

After your face-lift procedure, you can go home on the same day. To ensure healing and protect your results, we recommend that you rest with your head elevated to help reduce swelling. 
You should also expect swelling and bruising after your procedure, but these side effects will lessen within a few weeks of your surgery. 
Most individuals can return to light activity and desk jobs within two weeks of their procedure and resume regular activity within four weeks. 
To ensure proper healing, you should avoid strenuous activities, lifting heavy objects and vigorous exercise until Dr. Peterson clears you. Follow all of Dr. Peterson’s directives after your procedure to reduce the risk of complications after surgery.

Will Scars From the Face-Lift Be Visible?

As with any surgical procedure, scarring is inevitable. However, Dr. Peterson is skilled at using advanced surgical techniques with shorter incisions and placing your scars in areas where they will be concealed, such as behind your ears or hidden in your hairline. 
Dr. Peterson will also give you direction to manage your scars as you heal. 

How Long Do Results of a Face-Lift Last?

In most cases, you can expect the youthful results you’ve achieved due to your face-lift to last 10 years or more. That being said, how you take care of yourself and your skin after your procedure also matters. For example, repeated sun exposure, poor diet and tobacco use can cause premature aging and affect the results of any plastic surgery procedure.
As part of your follow-up care, Dr. Peterson will give you a personalized skin care protocol to help ensure your results. 

Can I Get a Face-Lift Without Surgery?

Are you looking for the results of a face-lift but want to avoid surgery? Dr. Peterson can help. We can discuss your options to achieve your aesthetic goals and get the results you’re looking for with noninvasive skin-tightening services, injectable fillers, fat transfers and other injectables. We’d love to talk to you about noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments to diminish facial lines and wrinkles, fill in areas of lost facial fat volume, and take care of sagging skin and unwanted under-chin fullness without the need for surgery. 
Are you weighing the options for your face-lift procedure? We’d love to talk to you. Call us now to schedule a consultation to discuss your options for a face-lift or other rejuvenating procedures.
We look forward to hearing from you! 


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