Restylane Refyne/Defyne

Jack Peterson MD  is one of the first in Kansas to offer these exciting new fillers! Restylane Refyne and Defyne are next-generation flexible hyaluronic acid fillers that help smooth the appearance of wrinkles and deep-set expression lines while still maintaining a natural look. Made with XpresHAn technology, these new fillers are FDA-approved to treat nasolabial folds, or “laugh lines.” They provide a range of flexibility and support to meet different patient needs. While Refyne is designed to improve the appearance of wrinkles and folds, Defyne is designed to smooth deeper facial wrinkles and folds. The flexible gel allows these fillers to move with your skin, giving your expressions a softer and more natural appearance. Still doing research? Learn why a plastic surgeon is the best and safest choice for all of your injectable treatments here.



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