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Losing weight can mean many positive changes in your life! You look better, you feel better and your clothes fit better in most instances. But weight loss can also bring new challenges as your body adjusts to its new size.

One of those challenges is loose, sagging skin in the thigh area. If this is your experience after significant weight loss or aging, Dr. Jack Peterson can help you achieve your body goals with a thigh lift procedure. 

Thigh lift surgery is designed to reshape the thighs by surgically removing excess skin and fat, which leaves your thighs smooth, firm and better proportioned to your body. 

Significant weight loss, aging and other factors can also affect the buttocks. Many patients who undergo thigh-lift procedures also choose to combine their procedure with a Brazilian Butt Lift treatment at the same time to restore lost volume and shape to the buttocks area. 


What Is a Thigh Lift?

As we mentioned, the thigh lift is designed to target excess skin and fat on the inner and/or outer thighs. 

During an inner thigh lift, also known as a medial thigh lift, an incision is made near the top of the thigh in the crease where your leg meets your torso.

For a lateral thigh lift, also known as an outer thigh lift, the incision extends from the groin across the back. Still, in some cases, to improve the outer thighs’ contours, you may need an incision extending from the groin around the hips and across the back.

Dr. Peterson uses advanced techniques to help hide incisions in strategic locations that are generally hidden by clothing and even swimwear. However, some individuals may have extensive incisions depending on how much tissue is removed. 

Some individuals may need liposuction as part of their thigh lift procedure to sculpt and further define the thighs.

Reasons for a Thigh-Lift

Are you considering a thigh lift but you’re not sure if the procedure is right for you? Here are some common reasons to undergo this body lift procedure: 

  • You want your thighs to have a better and more proportional contour.
  • You want your thighs to look and feel firmer.
  • You have undergone weight-loss surgery or bariatric surgery, or you have experienced massive weight loss and have excess skin on your thighs.
  • You are unhappy because of loose, flabby skin on your thighs.
  • Your clothes do not fit as you want them to because of heavy thighs or excess skin. 

Other considerations when thinking about the thigh lift:

  • The effects of aging have led to sagging skin or cellulite on your thighs.
  • You want more shapely thighs and legs after achieving your goal weight and want to reflect your new, toned figure. 
  • You feel self-conscious about your shape because of your thighs. 

Can You Combine the Thigh Lift With Other Procedures?

Absolutely. Combining the thigh lift surgery with other body-contouring procedures, such as liposuction and a Brazilian Butt Lift, is common and makes sense because it allows you to get the procedures you want while going under anesthesia just once. 

Many individuals also choose to make the thigh lift part of a “Mommy Makeover,” the combination of procedures that many women choose to have to restore their body and confidence after they are done with pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

During the Thigh Lift Procedure

All thigh lift surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, which means you will be asleep during your surgery. The thigh lift takes between two and three hours to complete and could take longer if combined with other procedures. One procedure often paired with the thigh-lift is liposuction, a plastic surgery procedure that removes unwanted fat.  

What Happens After a Thigh Lift Procedure?

You should expect a six- to eight-week recovery after your thigh lift. Dr. Peterson will talk with you about how long it will be before you may return to your normal activity level and work. He’ll give you detailed instructions about the post-op period, including drains, bruising, swelling and scarring, and how to reduce complications.  

Immediately after your thigh lift, you will see a noticeable change in your thighs’ contour and a smoother, firmer skin tone. 

To ensure the best results after your thigh lift surgery, it is vitally important to follow all patient care instructions provided by Dr. Peterson, including wearing compression garments, taking all prescribed medication and taking care of your drains. 

In the first two weeks after your procedure, you will be on a restricted activity level and may only engage in light activities. You should be careful not to stress the treatment area when walking, sitting or bending. 

Are you interested in learning more about the thigh lift procedure or other body-lift procedures to help you achieve your body goals? We’d love to talk. Call and schedule a consultation today. 

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