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Chin Implant

The power of confidence should never be underestimated. When you look in the mirror and aren’t happy with your reflection those negative thoughts can easily take over and effect your daily life. Christina came to Dr. Jack Peterson seeking help regarding her recessed chin and profile. She was ready to bring balance to her face and Dr. Peterson was able to achieve that with a chin implant.

After her procedure Christina’s confidence soared! She was able to focus on the things young people should like school, social activities, and planning her future without the distraction of worrying about her appearance.

My name is Christina and I first saw Dr. Peterson because I wanted to gain more confidence and have a more proportionate facial structure.

The procedure I had done was the chin implant.

I decided to have this procedure because I wanted to be able to go out in public and have confidence in myself and look and feel better.

Before this procedure, my confidence was low and I always felt like something was wrong.

I’d look in the mirror when I would wake up and just want more confidence in myself. And I would go about my day wishing that I just looked better

I had a weak chin recession, so I just wanted my profile to be better and have a more profound chin.

I chose Dr. Peterson because initially when I came in for my first meeting, everybody in the office was so kind and he really laid out the plan, the procedure, what everything would be like. And we had heard great reviews about him through the Internet.

Starting with my initial consultation, Dr. Petersen really laid out, asked what I wanted to fix and what I wanted to have happen. He laid out exactly the time frame for when my surgery would happen, the postop meetings and what my recovery time frame would be like.

The day of surgery I came in, everybody was so kind, helped me to my room.

The procedure went really fast. No problems at all. It was a very quick turnaround. I was out of surgery and about an hour and recovery was about an hour.

Postop, I had a bandage on my face that only was on there for about a week. I had little to minimal pain at all and any of that pain could have been helped with just over the over the counter medicine. And Dr. Peterson helped me after and gave me everything I need to know about recovery as far as what activities I can do.

After the procedure, my confidence went up a ton. I can go out in public, feel confident in myself. I got so many compliments and now I just wake up every day so glad that I went through and did the procedure.

The experience with Dr. Peterson has been a positive experience because everybody always was so encouraging. And it’s really just helped my confidence overall a ton. I would definitely recommend Dr. Peterson, because he really helps you through the whole process. And the staff here is amazing. And so if you’re really on edge about doing it, I would definitely recommend it.