For some individuals, sagging and droopy upper or lower eyelids can mean changes to their appearance, making them look tired, sad or even mad.

These changes to your eyelids happen as part of the aging process: The upper eyelids can begin to droop with excess skin and also develop a puffy look.

Below your eyes, the lower eyelids can start to stretch and sag, develop “bags,” and give a sunken look to your cheeks.

Sagging and droopy eyelids can also block your peripheral vision and impair your ability to see. Some individuals with sagging eyelids also experience blurred vision or double vision as a result of their condition.

These situations can be treated, however, by Dr. Jack Peterson. Dr. Peterson performs upper or lower eyelid-lift surgery to help bring back the youthful appearance of your eyes and eliminate sagging and drooping skin.

The procedure, known as blepharoplasty, can help you both look and feel fantastic and more confident and revive the youthful appearance of your eyes.


Types of Eyelid-Lift Procedures

There are two types of eyelid-lift cosmetic surgery, and what kind of procedure you need depends on your individual situation and other factors.

Upper-Eyelid Surgery: This type of eyelid plastic surgery is designed to improve the eyes’ appearance and treat sagging skin caused by aging or genetics. This procedure focuses solely on the upper eyelids and the form and function of the eyelid. It provides a more youthful and “awake” appearance.

Lower-Eyelid Surgery: This procedure removes excess skin and wrinkles of the lower eyelid and improves the appearance of the skin under your eyes.

Am I a Good Candidate for an Eyelid-Lift?

Candidates for an eyelid-lift should be in good health without serious medical conditions. They should also have the typical signs of aging around their eyelids, either upper or lower or both.

These signs include:

  • excess skin of the upper eyelid that hangs down, creating a tired appearance or obstructing the field of vision
  • puffy upper eyelids
  • bags underneath the lower eyelids
  • eyes that appear tired
  • sunken-looking cheekbones

Patients should also have reasonable expectations for the procedure.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for the eyelid-lift procedure, contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation to discuss your candidacy for the surgery.

Do Eyelid-Lift Procedures Leave Visible Scars?

The incisions for the upper-eyelid-lift surgery are placed in the eyelid’s natural fold, which conceals them conveniently. During the procedure, excess skin, fat and tissue will be removed. Dr. Peterson will also tighten loose muscles and pull the skin to create a smoother surface.

For a lower eyelid-lift, the incisions are placed just below the lashes. Over time, scars left by the procedure will fade to nearly unnoticeable.

Candidates for this approach typically have bags underneath their eyes but not much excess skin.

Can I Combine My Eyelid-Lift With Other Procedures?

Absolutely. It is very common for eyelid-lift patients to combine their blepharoplasty procedure with other facial-rejuvenation procedures.

At our practice, the eyelid-lift is commonly combined with brow-lifts, face-lifts and laser resurfacing.

During your cosmetic consultation, Dr. Peterson will talk to you about the other procedures that you may benefit from for facial rejuvenation and answer any questions you may have about your eyelid-lift or combining treatments.

Does the Eyelid-Lift Require Anesthesia?

If you are having just an eyelid procedure, upper or both upper and lower, we typically can use IV sedation only. If you combine eyelid surgery with other surgeries like facelift, we will use general anesthesia.

What Is the Recovery Like After an Eyelid-Lift?

After your eye surgery procedure, pain is usually minimal. However, patients can experience mild to moderate bruising and swelling, which generally resolves within one to two weeks.

If your lower eyelids are being treated, you may experience a slightly longer recovery time, as this procedure is usually associated with more bruising and swelling.

After your procedure, you will need to sleep elevated and refrain from strenuous activity for several weeks to aid in your recovery.

The blepharoplasty eyelid-lift procedure is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States, often coming in among the country’s top five plastic surgery procedures. In addition, in the top 10 countries for plastic surgery for the past 10 years, blepharoplasty has consistently been rated as a top procedure.

Do you want to learn more about the eyelid-lift procedure? Find out more about the procedure or schedule an appointment to talk to us about your eyelid-lift treatment options or other facial rejuvenation procedures.



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