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Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jack Peterson, offers patients seeking to enhance their buttocks two different procedures to achieve their body goals: the surgical buttock-lift and the non-surgical Brazilian Butt-Lift (BBL).

While both procedures are popular, many patients ask about which procedure would be the most beneficial for achieving the look they desire for their buttocks.

Buttock Lift: The buttock-lift procedure, also called a gluteal-lift, is typically ideal for individuals who have lost buttock volume and/or tone and have sagging or loose excess skin in the buttock region. Common causes of this include aging, significant weight fluctuations, massive weight loss, prolonged sun and genetics.

Brazilian Butt-Lift (BBL): The BBL is a fat-grafting procedure designed to use excess, unwanted fat from another body area to add volume and shape to the buttocks. Learn more about the BBL here. 


What Happens During the Surgical Butt-Lift?

During your buttock-lift, you will be under general anesthesia.

During buttock-lift surgery, Dr. Peterson makes an incision along the upper curve of the buttocks, allowing him to lift the buttocks higher and remove excess skin. This leaves you with a smoother and tighter appearance to your buttocks. Excess fat and tissue can also be removed at this time. After the desired shape is achieved, Dr. Peterson will close your incisions.

For individuals seeking a lift and a boost in volume, the procedure can be combined with the BBL to enhance the overall shape.

The buttock-lift procedure can take three to six hours to complete, depending on the scope of surgery.

After the Buttock-Lift Surgery

After your buttock-lift, incisions will be closed and covered with a surgical dressing, and drains are placed under the incision to drain fluid or excess blood. These drains may be in place for several weeks after your procedure as you heal.

You will likely feel a moderate pain level; however, we will prescribe pain relievers for your comfort.

After a few days, you will begin wearing a supportive garment to help push out excess fluid and provide support and shape to your new buttocks.

What to Expect After the Buttock-Lift

After your buttock-lift, you will need to walk around to increase blood flow to the surgical site to promote healing. However, you will need to rest as much as possible and follow all post-surgical instructions given by Dr. Peterson.

Dr. Peterson will also manage your healing through follow-up visits to ensure your recovery is progressing as intended.

After your procedure, the surgical incisions must not be exposed to motion, force, stretching, pressure, swelling or abrasion as you heal, or you could risk complications. This means that sitting and sleeping may be affected during your recovery.

The buttock-lift procedure results are immediately noticeable and improve over time as swelling dissipates and your incisions heal.

Scarring After Surgery

Are you interested in the surgical buttock-lift but are afraid of scarring? Like with any surgery, scars are possible with this procedure, but to reduce the appearance of your scars, we may use silicone sheeting, scar creams or a combination of the two. The appearance of your scar will also improve naturally over time.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The results from buttock-lift procedures are long-lasting. However, as with most surgeries, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and aging can impact the body and your buttock-lift results. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid gaining weight (which can stretch skin), you will preserve your results for a long time.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Buttock-Lift?

You may be a good candidate for surgical buttock-lift if you:

  • Are in good health.
  • Non-smoking or willing to quit smoking before and after the procedure for at least four weeks.
  • Have realistic expectations for the procedure.
  • Feel as if your buttocks are too small.
  • Are unsatisfied with the shape of your buttocks.
  • Have asymmetrical buttocks.
  • Have experienced significant soft tissue looseness or flabbiness in the buttocks.
  • Have achieved your goal weight and have maintained a healthy weight for at least six months.

The procedure can be performed on both men and women and can be combined with other body procedures, including liposuction, a thigh-lift and a tummy tuck.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Peterson will discuss the buttock-lift procedure and talk to you about your body goals. He will also ask you questions about your health status and lifestyle and will answer your questions about the procedure and recovery.

Questions? We’d love to chat. Give us a call to schedule your buttock-lift consultation now! 


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