FROZEN C Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has become popular in the last few years because of its significant health benefits including reduction of migraines, muscle recovery from intense workouts and treating chronic pain, but did you know that cryotherapy can also be used to improve skin quality and reverse the signs of aging?

It can!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added cryotherapy though FROZEN C to our list service offerings. As always, we strive to provide our patients with the most advanced plastic, aesthetic and rejuvenation services available.


What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses extreme cold temperatures to reduce swelling, improve blood flow and neutralize inflammation. We use the FROZEN C in our office to reduce downtime, reduce bruising and swelling from treatments and surgery and help with discomfort during treatments.

Conventional cryotherapy required individuals to enter a cooling chamber where the body (except the head/face) is exposed to extremely low temperatures (usually -180 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few minutes.

How Is FROZEN C Cryotherapy Different?

Frozen C delivers, concentrated, controlled medical grade cryogen at -78deg C to calm a treatment area, kill bacteria and close exposed pores to seal in the benefits of other treatments. FROZEN C Cryotherapy targets the desired treatment area specifically through the use of a handheld device

FROZEN C Cryotherapy Is Designed to Treat the Face

Unlike other brands of cryotherapy in which users step into a cryo chamber, FROZEN C Cryotherapy targets the treatment area specifically through the use of a handheld device to deliver cooling treatment to the face to treat:

Improve blood flow – Blood vessels constrict when exposed to heat, causing blood flow to decrease. When blood flow decreases, there is less oxygen delivered to tissues. Cold temperatures, however, relax muscles and open up blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to reach cells and blood circulation improves and your skin looks younger.

Reduce swelling/puffiness – Swelling occurs when tissue is unable to transport fluid away from an injured area. The body responds by increasing blood flow to the affected area and adding extra fluids to help flush out toxins. This causes the surrounding areas to swell and look puffy. With FROZEN C, the skin is cooled to -78°C, which triggers the body’s natural reaction to remove excess fluids and return the skin to normal.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles – Wrinkles are caused by repeated exposure to sun damage, age spots, and sagging skin. By targeting these specific issues, FROZEN is able to freeze damaged cells that contribute to an aged appearance.

Increase collagen production – Collagen is the protein responsible for giving skin its elasticity and strength. When collagen is produced at higher rates than it breaks down, the skin becomes firmer and stronger. With FROZENC, the skin is cooled below freezing point (-78°C), which stimulates the your natural healing process to produce collagen.

Decrease redness – Redness can be caused by a number of factors including sunburns, acne breakouts, rosacea, and psoriasis. FROZENC works to cool the skin to -78°C which helps to reduce redness and irritation.

Increase cell turnover – Cell turnover refers to how quickly cells die and are replaced with new ones. As we get older, our bodies lose their ability to replace old cells with new ones.

Reduce inflammation – Inflammation occurs when tissue damage or infection triggers immune system responses that result in redness, warmth, swelling and tenderness. With cryotherapy, you can quickly cool down inflamed areas and reduce the symptoms associated with inflammation.

Treat skin conditions – Cryotherapy can treat skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

FROZEN C for Improved Skin Quality

Our clinic offers cryotherapy treatments specifically designed to address skin issues. These include but are not limited to:

Skin tightening. Cryotherapy has been clinically proven to tighten loose skin and reduce wrinkles.

Acne treatment. Intense cold can effectively treat acne because it stimulates collagen production and promotes healthy cell turnover.

Psoriasis treatment. Psoriasis is a chronic condition characterized by red, scaly patches on the skin. Cryotherapy has been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of these lesions.

Eczema treatment. Eczema is a common skin condition caused by dry skin. Cryotherapy can soothe irritated skin and help restore moisture levels.

Dermatitis treatment. Dermatitis is another common skin condition that results in irritation and itching. Cryotherapy can provide relief from the itchiness and burning sensation associated with dermatitis.

Skin rejuvenation. Cryotherapy can stimulate collagen production and promote healthy cell turnover. It also tightens loose skin and reduces wrinkles.

Pigmentation issues. Pigmentation problems such as freckles and age spots can be treated with ultra-cold temperatures.

Can Frozen C Cryotherapy Be Used With Other Treatments?

Yes! We offer a variety of other services at our clinic, including Morpheus 8, microneedling, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermal fillers, Botox and Dysport injections and many others. Our staff will work with you to determine which combination of therapies would best suit your needs.

What Can I Expect During My First Visit To Your Clinic?

Your initial consultation will consist of a thorough examination of your skin. You’ll discuss any concerns you may have about your skin or health. Then we’ll talk about long-term benefits of treatment options and may recommend the FROZEN C as a compliment for comfort, reduced swelling and recovery. You may also be a candidate for a stand alone treatment for acne control. See what the cryo craze is all about. Request your consultation today.


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