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Breast Augmentation

Bodies are always changing, most of the time without your consent. Making the choice to transform any part of your body with the help of a plastic surgeon is an important and major decision. Dr. Peterson understands the significance of that process.

When Michelle decided to schedule a consult with Dr. Peterson for a possible breast augmentation she had already begun the mental process 5 years before. With the support of her husband, the established trust she had in Dr. Peterson from being in the same medical community, and the help of his amazing staff Michelle was able to make the right choices for her body and her life.

One of the greatest phrases a patient can say is that they have no regrets. Being able to live the lifestyle you choose and feel comfortable with confidence after plastic surgery is life-changing.

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I first met Dr. Peterson when I was a dietitian at a local hospital. It took me a long time to decide whether or not to have breast augmentation. Being the mom of two grown children at the time, they were younger and I breastfed each of them for over a year. And my husband encouraged me to do something that might help me feel better about myself, more confident.

And after I contemplated probably for five years, I chose Dr. Peterson because of what I remember of him when I worked at the hospital. He was always so kind and approachable, and I knew his office staff had a great reputation. He was right here and I felt comfortable from the beginning. So those steps in the procedure were very straightforward. So I knew what to expect every step of the way. I came in for an initial consultation, brought my husband. So it was nice that we both could be there.

I didn’t want to look like a pin up model. I was a runner. I wanted to be able to make sure that I was still able to maintain my really strenuous running schedule. So after initial consultation, surgery was very straightforward in and out in a day. Recovery for me, I feel very fortunate, was was easy. In fact, I didn’t take any pain medication right after surgery. I recovered at home and was able to go back to work on the Monday after a Friday surgery.

And I was back to regular activities within six weeks. Once I was over, the initial shock and swelling went down. So that’s always to be expected. And I was able to regain my regular activities. I started to really embrace this new person that I saw. The experience that Dr. Peterson’s office is always positive. I’m always greeted with smiles and they know me by name. And I can text Mary with any questions that I have.

I would recommend Dr. Peterson for a variety of reasons. If safety and efficacy is a friend of mine, that’s that’s a no brainer. He is up on the latest trends. He’s innovative. He talks about the research. And I know he does the research. So there is that clinical piece of it. And then the personal piece of it is, is why I continue to come back. And that’s the office staff. It’s the personal care by Mary and everybody in the front office, as well as Dr. Peterson. I always feel special when I come here.