EndyMed Intensif Applicator

Precision, Efficacy and Comfort Redefined

Unveil Your Best Skin with EndyMed Intensif Applicator

Welcome to the world of transformative skin rejuvenation! Dr. Jack Peterson is thrilled to introduce the EndyMed Intensif Applicator, a cutting-edge RF Microneedling technology designed to elevate your skin to new heights. With unparalleled precision, efficacy and patient comfort, the Intensif Applicator addresses a wide range of skin concerns, from active acne and acne scars to stretch marks and deep wrinkles.


Superior Comfort, Superior Results

Patient comfort is a priority at Dr. Jack Peterson’s practice, and the EndyMed Intensif Applicator delivers on that promise with its unique gold-plated tapered needles. These needles require fewer passes during treatment, resulting in shorter treatment times and greater comfort for you. Experience the innovation as the Fractionated Pulse Mode ensures even, consistent and controlled energy flow, making RF energy delivery safer and more effective.

Powerful Efficacy for Lasting Transformation

The EndyMed Intensif Applicator’s unmatched needle penetration depth of 0.5 mm to 5 mm, coupled with non-insulated needles, ensures efficient delivery throughout the entire column of targeted dermal tissue. Witness the powerful transformation as the Intensif Applicator targets active acne, acne scars, stretch marks, deep wrinkles and skin texture concerns, revitalizing your skin like never before.

Precision for Personalized Treatments

The Intensif Applicator is truly a physician’s tool, offering adjustable needle insertion (by increments of 0.1 mm up to 5 mm), power and pulse width. This exceptional adaptability allows for personalized treatments based on your unique skin concerns and treatment zone, ensuring precision and efficacy with every session.

Experience the Power of 3DEEP Technology

EndyMed’s Intensif Applicator is empowered by 3DEEP RF Microneedle Treatments, setting new standards for superior results. The applicator’s non-insulated gold needles, combined with the proprietary Fractional Pulse Mode technology, safely generate more heat into the dermis for optimal collagen remodeling. Compared to insulated needles, the Intensif Applicator provides significantly deeper and more uniform heating, revolutionizing your skin’s rejuvenation journey.

Comfort and Safety Redefined

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, and the Intensif Applicator is designed with Smooth Motion needle insertion and tapered gold-plated needles to offer greater comfort during treatments. The full coagulation capability (up to 70 degrees Celsius) ensures quick treatment recovery times, faster than any other device on the market. With the Intensif Applicator, you can say goodbye to trauma, bleeding and bruising.

Unlock Your Skin’s Potential with Dr. Jack Peterson

Experience the future of skin rejuvenation with EndyMed Intensif Applicator at Dr. Jack Peterson’s practice. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized treatments, ensuring your unique skin concerns are addressed effectively and comfortably. Offering a personalized touch, Dr. Jack Peterson advises the fusion of diverse EndyMed products, tapping into their synergistic capabilities to deliver well-rounded aesthetic enhancements.

Unveil Your Radiant Skin: Consult Dr. Jack Peterson

Ready to embrace your best skin? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jack Peterson today to explore the transformative power of EndyMed Intensif Applicator. Your journey to revitalized and radiant skin starts now!


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