Breast Augmentation

Are you considering a change in breast size? Or thinking of breast augmentation as part of a mommy makeover? You’re not alone. For many women, breast size and shape play a significant role in how they feel about themselves and their appearance. If you’re unhappy with the size and shape of your breasts, Dr. Jack Peterson can help. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Peterson is highly trained and experienced in breast augmentation procedures and can help give you the confidence boost you’re looking for through surgical breast augmentation.

Advances in breast implant technology have made breast enlargement an increasingly popular choice for women of all ages who desire more attractive breasts, whether that means a whole new “look” or regaining a more youthful breast shape and appearance.



Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure designed to enhance the size, shape, contour and/or symmetry of the breasts using implants. Dr. Peterson focuses on tailoring your specific breast augmentation procedure to meet your aesthetic goals and unique body type.

Customized Care and Consultation

Breast augmentation should be a highly personalized experience. As a result, we design a custom treatment plan to meet your specific physical and aesthetic goals.

During your initial visit, we will take in your health history and perform a physical exam to ensure you’re a good candidate for the breast augmentation procedure. At this appointment, Dr. Peterson will also discuss your breast augmentation goals and take measurements of your body and breasts.

Next, he will discuss a range of implant types, shapes and sizes, and determine if you need a breast-lift in conjunction with your breast augmentation procedure to maximize results and reach your desired look. Finally, you will work with Dr. Peterson’s patient coordinator to review all the options presented, discuss costs and financing (if interested), and schedule your procedure.

From this consultation appointment to the end of your recovery, Dr. Peterson and our team will be there to ensure optimal results while minimizing downtime. We do this by carefully planning before your procedure, using precise surgical techniques during your surgery, and developing a recovery regimen post-op that centers on getting you back to your regular routine quickly and safely.

Dr. Peterson performs all breast augmentation surgeries in a hospital setting with a hospital-based surgical team. This allows for the safest environment for patients in the unlikely event that a complication arises. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits, techniques and specifics of breast augmentation, read more below or contact our office at 785-626-8731 to schedule a consultation.


Breast augmentation is designed to enhance the size, shape and overall appearance of the breasts. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the procedure gives patients a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

The breast augmentation procedure may be right for you if you feel that:

  • Your breasts have lost volume due to age
  • Your breasts have lost volume or shape due to childbirth and breastfeeding
  • Your breasts have changed in shape or have gotten smaller after weight loss
  • Your breasts are significantly different sizes
  • Your breast size makes you feel less feminine
  • Your clothing is too large in the bust/chest, and you feel uncomfortable in certain clothing
  • You feel self-conscious in a sundress, swimsuit or other clothing that may be worn without a bra

Ideal candidates should be in good health and preferably nonsmokers. You will have to cease smoking for several weeks before and after your breast augmentation procedure to maximize results and reduce post-procedure complications.


As we mentioned above, modern-day breast implants come in a variety of types and sizes. When you visit our office for your consultation, Dr. Peterson will take custom measurements and recommend the best implant selection for your body type and goals.

Implant Types and Shapes

Dr. Peterson offers silicone gel breast implants from manufacturers that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The implants we offer are filled with high-strength cohesive gel, often referred to as “gummy bear.” Gel implants can be either round or teardrop shaped, and Dr. Peterson will make his shape recommendation based on your goals.

Silicone implants retain their shape better and ripple less than other types of breast implants. Many patients report that these implants look and feel more natural than other types of implants. Silicone implants also maintain their position on the chest better than different types of implants.

In most cases, if you have more breast tissue in the upper part of your breast, a round implant would be most beneficial, while if you have more fullness toward the bottom of the breast, a teardrop-shaped implant is ideal.

When you’re visiting our office for your consultation, Dr. Peterson will take measurements to help determine which type, size and shape of implant will give you your desired results.

Dr. Peterson uses only FDA-approved implant manufacturers that also offer a warranty on the implant. The three brands of implants he uses are SientraMentor and Allergan. You can view their individual warranties by clicking their names. He will discuss the differences between brands and why he recommends a specific one for you. 

Implant Size

Dr. Peterson can narrow down your choices to a specific range of implant sizes (how many CCs) and profiles (low, medium, high, extra high) to help you achieve your goals. Size recommendations are based on your measurements and your desired look.


The recommended placement of a breast implant will vary and will be based on Dr. Peterson’s recommendation after a thorough exam and review of your medical history. The discussion regarding the incision will involve skin and tissue thickness above and below the breasts, relative breast ptosis, activity level, excess skin, body mass index (BMI), and symmetry.

Breast implants can be placed in these positions:

  • Subglandular placement puts the implant directly under the breast tissue and in front of the chest wall muscle.
  • Subfascial placement places the breast implant in a “pita pocket” placed above the chest wall muscles but below the chest wall fascia. The fascia is the tough, fibrous tissue that covers the muscles.
  • Subpectoral/biplanar/partial submuscular placement involves placing the implant under the pectoralis major muscle, which covers about the upper half to two-thirds of the implant with muscle.
  • Submuscular is when the breast implant is placed totally beneath the chest wall muscles.

Factors that go into the placement recommendation include the amount of excess skin, activity levels and breast symmetry.

The location of incisions is designed to minimize the visibility of scars.

Each placement option has benefits and disadvantages, which Dr. Peterson will cover during your consultation.


Dr. Peterson is very experienced in the breast augmentation procedure, which means he is skilled in techniques that can help provide the greatest results while minimizing downtime for you after the surgery. These techniques include appropriate implant selection, precise incision-making and gentle care when placing your implant. These steps will reduce your bleeding and bruising and help shorten your recovery.


After your breast augmentation procedure, you should expect to experience some minor swelling and bruising. These side effects are temporary and should subside over a few days. Most patients describe their discomfort after their procedure as mild. Pain or discomfort can be managed with medications prescribed by Dr. Peterson or over-the-counter pain relievers.

Most people can return to work and light activity three to four days after their procedure. You will wear a compression wrap for four weeks, and your lifting and exercise will be restricted for six to eight weeks.

The visibility of breast augmentation surgical scars will depend on incision location, how your incisions were closed, how closely you followed postoperative instructions and your body’s healing response.


The cost of breast augmentation is dependent upon the type your breast implants, incision technique, implant placement and whether a breast-lift is also performed.

While we understand that cost is a consideration for breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures, we recommend that you do not make your decisions based on price alone. Instead, we suggest that you review your provider’s education, work and experience, and choose a well-qualified provider to help achieve your goals.

Need financing? Learn more about our financing options here.

Breast Augmentation FAQ

During a consultation Dr. Peterson will visit with you about your personal goals and take very specific measurements. Based on these measurements, he will then discuss several size options customized to you. This will allow you to choose a more natural look or a more implanted look based on your desired outcomes.  We do offer sizers to try on to help you visualize your choices.

Dr. Peterson recommends that you wait a minimum of 3 months after discontinuing breastfeeding and no longer lactating.

There are multiple choices for implant placement. Each patient is evaluated for goals, measurements taken, and a recommendation for placement will be made based on the specific person.

The incision for a gel breast implant will be under the crease of the breast and hidden in the fold.  This is described as an inframammary incision. It will be 6cm ( a little over 2 inches)  long. We provide a scar treatment plant for all our cosmetic patients that is complimentary.

Yes. Different brands have different warranties. Our most commonly used brand, Sientra@TM comes with a lifetime warranty for product replacement and a 20 year warranty for surgical fees up to $5,000. This warranty stays with the patient even if you move

Most patients feel fine in 4-5 days and can return to light activity. We do discuss more specific restrictions if needed based on the type of work.  You will be required to wear specific medical compression (supplied by us) and then sports bra for 6 more weeks. There are also limitations on lifting and exercise which will usually be 2 months.

All surgical patients receive a post operative (after surgery) instruction sheet that is specific to their surgery.  You will learn and review with staff all Dr. Peterson’s requirements about medications, diet, sleeping, showering, incision care and compression.  You will receive this sheet several weeks prior to surgery so you can review and pre-purchase (if needed ) any recommended product

Dr. Peterson requires that patients refrain from long distance travel for 30 days after surgery.


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