Mastering Makeup After Chemical Peel: Advice from Dr. Jack Peterson

In today’s beauty industry, chemical peels are an increasingly popular treatment for those who wish to reverse the signs of aging, improve skin texture, and improve appearance. However, one of the biggest concerns for those who’ve had a chemical peel is how to apply makeup properly so as to avoid irritation, all while still being able to cover up the redness, scaling, and flaking.

For the most successful results, you need to know when to start wearing makeup and what products to use. To ensure that you have the necessary knowledge, we’ve reached out to Dr. Jack Peterson, a highly-regarded cosmetic surgeon.

When Can Makeup Be Applied After a Chemical Peel?

According to Dr. Peterson, the answer to when you can apply makeup after undergoing a chemical peel depends on the depth of the peel and can vary by the peel’s strength, which is why it’s important to follow instructions provided by a medical professional.

In some cases, makeup can be applied within a few hours after the completion of a shallow peel. In others, it may be necessary to delay makeup application for 24 to 72 hours. A medium-strength or deep peel may warrant a longer waiting period before makeup can be used. Finally, light peels may only allow for the use of mineral makeup immediately after the peel.

Applying Makeup After a Chemical Peel

Once the proper waiting period has passed, it’s important to be mindful of the products that you use during makeup application. It’s best to first consult a dermatologist or esthetician for advice on which brands and formulations are best suited for post-peel care.

When it comes to makeup, you should also take careful precautions. Avoid using any oil-based products that can clog pores and possibly cause irritation. Also try to opt for products that contain a minimum amount of alcohol as it can be drying to the skin.

A mineral makeup will be the best and safest bet after a chemical peel as it is a non-comedogenic product that allows for breathability of the skin. This will also allow for optimal coverage while still assisting in the healing process.

Tricks for Proper Makeup Application

When you’re doing makeup after a chemical peel, it’s important that you use the proper makeup application techniques. If you’re experiencing redness and peeling, use a liquid foundation or concealer, which can help to provide extra hydration that the skin needs.

Additionally, be sure to apply makeup lightly and use an extra-soft brush or sponge as to not irritate the skin. It’s also important to make sure all of your makeup products are clean, and it’s even better to use a makeup brush cleaner and moisturizing brush cleaner after application.

Caring For Your Skin Post-Peel

While it’s important to use the right makeup to conceal the redness or peeling after a chemical peel, skin care and moisturizing is even more important. Even when you feel that you are ready to start wearing makeup, you should still use a good quality moisturizer, preferably one that contains a sunscreen of some sort as sun exposure can be harmful to a fresh peel.

It’s also important to use skincare products as they can provide some relief to redness and peeling. Use a gentle, non-irritating product for washing the face, as well as a good quality moisturizer and eye gel to keep the skin properly hydrated.

Final Thoughts

Chemical peels can be a very effective treatment for addressing skin problems such as discoloration, fine lines, and sun spots. However, after a peel, it’s important to take the proper care and precautions when applying makeup as to avoid irritation and stay ahead of the healing process. By following the proper advice from a medical professional, one can master makeup after a chemical peel, keeping the skin beautiful and healthy.