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  • Good skin care is important for many reasons. A good skin care routine helps your skin stay healthy, helps turn over damaged or old skin cells, and keeps you looking young. Additionally, a good skin care routine with high-quality skin care products can help to prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best at every age.

    We’re proud to offer patients the highest-quality skin care services and products. Our new skin care line, ALASTIN Skincare®, is available now.

    ALASTIN Skincare® delivers a complete skin-rejuvenation approach to reverse the visible signs of aging by supporting your skin’s health and restoring it for a more youthful appearance.

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  • Dr. Peterson’s training in plastic surgery includes extensive experience in the treatment of burns. Currently he limits his practice to the treatment of minor burns that are in cosmetically challenging areas.

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  • Cryotherapy has become popular in the last few years because of its significant health benefits including reduction of migraines, muscle recovery from intense workouts and treating chronic pain, but did you know that cryotherapy can also be used to improve skin quality and reverse the signs of aging?

    It can!

    We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added cryotherapy though FROZEN C to our list service offerings. As always, we strive to provide our patients with the most advanced plastic, aesthetic and rejuvenation services available.

  • Many patients come to Dr Peterson for scar revision. Unsightly scars can be a source of insecurity, whether the scar is on a visible part of the body or in a more private area. If you have a scar from an injury or surgery that you want to be revised or minimized, Dr. Peterson offers several techniques after you have waited the appropriate amount of time for the scar to fade on its own. Usually, he will ask that you wait a year or maybe more time before proceeding with scar revision.

  • Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. More than 500,000 new cases are reported each year and the incidence is rising faster than any other type of cancer. About 80% of skin cancers appear on the face, head or neck where they can be both disfiguring as well as dangerous. 

    If you are concerned about an unusual skin growth, Dr. Peterson can diagnose and treat the cancer in a manner that offers the most pleasing final appearance- especially important if the cancer is in a highly visible area.