Lip Service: Learn About Lip Injections

Are you considering lip injections but have questions or concerns holding you back from going for it? Are you wondering what products are the best for plumping your pout? Want to know if your lip injections will last long term? Or are you worried that lip injections won’t feel natural? If you’re thinking about lip injections and are afraid to take the plunge, you can rest assured you’re in great and experienced hands with Dr. Peterson.

Read on to learn answers to common questions about lip injections.

How Do Lip Injections Work? 

Lip injections work differently depending on what product you choose. Collagen-based lip-injection products increase lip volume by simply plumping up the lip. Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers like Juvederm Ultra and Restylane Silk add size, but they also attract water to the tissues of the lip, giving them an additional boost.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in the body and plays a critical role in keeping cells hydrated. Hyaluronic acid also helps keep the skin soft, so choosing a product like Juvederm Ultra or Restylane Silk will ensure your lips stay both hydrated and supple.

How Long Do Lip Injections Last? 

Over time, lip fillers made of natural products like collagen and hyaluronic acid break down and get absorbed into the body. Collagen-based lip fillers only last three months on average, while hyaluronic acid injectables last between six and eight months on average. Juvederm Ultra lasts the longest of all lip fillers.

Do Lip Injections Look and Feel Natural? 

Using hyaluronic acid-based fillers mean a more natural-looking appearance. Dr. Peterson will assess your lips before your procedure to determine where to place the filler to give you an even and balanced final result and ensure you do not end up with “duck lips.”

Lip injections made with collagen or hyaluronic acid are designed to feel natural. Lips may feel more firm to the touch, but most patients do not report a noticeable difference in how their lips feel after their injection procedure.

Do Lip Injections Hurt? 

Lip injections themselves do not hurt, but you may feel a slight pinch or pressure when Dr. Peterson inserts the needle into your lip. Your lips can be numbed with a topical numbing cream so you don’t feel the needle. After the procedure, you may feel slightly sore at the injection site.

What Is the Recovery Like After Lip Injections? 

Since lip injections are minimally invasive, there is little to no recovery needed after the procedure. Some individuals do experience swelling and bruising from the injections, but that typically goes away within a week. For a few weeks after the procedure, it is also important to remember not to put pressure on the lips to ensure the filler material stays evenly placed.

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