Travel For Vacation, Not Plastic Surgery

Summer’s here, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for vacation! Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical island to relax or headed to a new city or country to explore its culture and history, there are likely myriad things to do and see. But domestically, experts are cautioning against one travel activity that seems to be increasing in popularity, and it could have dangerous, even deadly, consequences.

Travel plastic surgery is on the rise around the globe, and it’s causing more problems than it’s worth for many patients. Here’s why travel plastic surgery is a dangerous idea, and what you should do instead.

Plastic Surgery Costs

Let’s face it: Plastic surgery is an investment, but it’s one that pays off in results. Naturally, patients seeking surgery are looking for a good deal, making discount procedures in foreign countries extremely appealing. But what you save in money could cost you in other ways, and those costs can really add up. Suddenly that bargain procedure isn’t such a good deal after all.

While a domestic surgeon may cost a little more up front, the difference in the care you will receive here in America is staggering.

Skilled Plastic Surgery Matters

When you use a plastic surgeon in another country, you run the risk of not knowing just how skilled your surgeon is. That’s because here in the United States, we have a procedure known as board certification. Board certification ensures that your surgeon is up to date on their training, and that they are being overseen by a governing board to help keep them accountable.

Conversely, when you use a foreign plastic surgeon, there may be no board certification at all, or your surgeon may be practicing without certification despite local laws. Another possible danger is that, even if there is board certification or its equivalent, the standards for receiving this certification may be lax in comparison to the rigorous processes we use here in the U.S.

Plastic Surgery Blunders

Another issue many patients are running into is botched plastic surgery in foreign clinics. Because some practitioners may not even be licensed, it is a lot easier to find yourself being treated by someone who isn’t as skilled as they claim to be, running up your risk for a procedure going wrong. Problems with this can range from botched or unnatural-looking results to infection, injury or even death.

Healing From Plastic Surgery

When you undergo a plastic surgery procedure, you will need a few days or weeks of respite before you can fly back home. This means you need to book a room at a hotel or care center to recuperate. This cost can add up fast, with hotel room, local transportation and dining expenses piling up every day, not to mention the cost of flights. It can also be difficult to get out, so unless your hotel has a concierge (increasing the hotel price), you may not have anyone local to help out with simple tasks like getting prescriptions or purchasing food. 

Furthermore, when you undergo a procedure, you will likely need someone you know and trust around to help with things like changing bandages and administering prescriptions, increasing your travel costs.

When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are risks involved with any procedure. Even the most skilled surgeon can make a mistake, and even the healthiest patient can develop an infection. But what happens when you’ve been discharged and returned home to America? How do you visit your surgeon for a followup or to get much-needed medication for an infection? Can you simply fly back to the country where you had the procedure done and stay longer? Or will you visit your local doctor or surgeon, incurring more cost either way?

The benefits to a domestic plastic surgeon in this case are multifold. You can get in sooner, and your doctor can help assess any issues with your procedure, evaluate your concerns or complications, and prescribe the appropriate care, all without you needing to spend more money flying back to a foreign country.

Accurate Plastic Surgery Photos

Another issue many patients run into with foreign plastic surgeons is stolen before and after photos, making it seem like your chosen surgeon is more skilled than they really are. This can lead to a glaring difference in outcomes for the patient, and is not just immoral – it can be illegal.

Here in the United States, this still does occur occasionally, but it will not occur with a board-certified plastic surgeon. So you can rest assured that your surgeon is competent and capable of producing beautiful results.

Plastic Surgery With Dr. Peterson

Here in the United States, plastic surgery with Dr. Peterson is a safer alternative to taking a gamble with your body and your life with a foreign practitioner. When you really consider the costs involved, domestic plastic surgery is a better value, not to mention a lot safer than taking chances with foreign plastic surgery. Plus, Dr. Peterson offers several financing options for you to choose from to help you get the plastic surgery procedure you want while working with your budget.

For a consultation with Dr. Peterson, please contact the office today.