Beware! Who is Behind Your Injectable Needle?

You already know the benefits of injectable cosmetics like Botox, Dysport, and Kybella. And we can’t leave out those fabulous fillers like Sculptra and Restylane. From reducing wrinkles to plumping up the skin or reducing fat on the jowls, injectables are little miracle workers for the face. But do you know exactly who is injecting you? After all, any med spa can offer injectables, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing.

Dr. Peterson offers injectable cosmetics here in the clinic, giving his patients a safer alternative to those med spas that seem to be popping up everywhere. In fact, it’s better and safer to use a licensed and board-certified plastic surgeon to administer your injectables than to visit a med spa. Here’s why:

Safe Ingredients in Injections

One trend we’ve noticed in recent years is using a group discount deal to get injectable cosmetics in a med spa setting. This can be dangerous for many reasons; for example, med spas may be using expired or about-to-expire injectables. These discounts are how med spas use up overstock so that they don’t waste any product. While this seems noble (nobody likes waste!), it can cost you in the long run because your results may not last as long. Some discount that turned out to be!

Safer Delivery of Injections

When you visit a plastic surgeon versus a med spa, the difference can be staggering. That’s because when you use a med spa, you often receive your injections from an injector, not from a doctor. This can be dangerous because, while doctors have attended medical school and know the muscles of the face, these injectors may have only had a few hours of training on how to administer injectables in your face. This can lead to errors or “botched” injections, especially if the product is injected into the wrong part of the face, overfilled, or underfilled. 

Thankfully, a skilled plastic surgeon can help reduce the risk of errors, giving you a natural, younger, well-rested look without anyone ever knowing you’ve had cosmetic injections!

Board Certification and Injections

What is board certification? It’s a process that plastic surgeons undergo to become certified to perform plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Each year, Dr. Peterson must complete a certain number of training hours to keep current on the latest procedures and methods and to remain in good standing with the board and his patients. 

When a plastic surgeon is board certified, it means they are up to par on their skills and will be less likely to make dangerous errors in your skin injections. Furthermore, if they do make errors, there is a board holding them accountable, and this board is available to help you navigate any injuries you may incur. Thankfully this is less likely to occur with a board-certified surgeon than with an injector at a med spa.

Doctor On Hand For Injuries Caused By Injections

On the off chance an injury or infection occurs during or following your injectable treatment, your doctor can treat the complication. A med spa, on the other hand, cannot prescribe anything to help ease the pain and clear up infections, so you will have no choice but to be treated by a general practitioner, who may also not know the best course of action for treating such injuries.

Dr. Peterson is a licensed doctor and is able to treat any injuries that may occur from your cosmetic injectables. This rarely occurs, but if it does, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you are in the hands of an educated, licensed, and board-certified plastic surgeon and not just an injector or technician who can’t do anything to assist you.

Furthermore, when you use a skilled plastic surgeon, they are on the premises at all times, meaning not only are they overseeing your treatment, but, in Dr. Peterson’s case, he is also performing it. At med spas, there is often no doctor on site, even though many places require them to oversee their team of often-undertrained techs.

Safer Environment For Injections

When you visit a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Peterson for your cosmetic injections, you can rest assured that the room you receive your injections in is clean and sanitary. They follow all safety protocols, reducing the patient’s risk of developing an infection. That’s because Dr. Peterson and his staff treat each injectable appointment as the medical procedure it is. You are a patient, and collecting your medical history and being medically cleared for an injection is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, this step is often skipped in a med spa. We are a real medical practice, and your safety is our No. 1 concern. 

Are you ready to experience the difference between a real medical doctor and a “certified” injector who has taken a brief class before injecting you? Please contact Dr. Peterson’s office and schedule a consultation today.