Terrific Timing Is Everything- When To Have Breast Surgery

Are you thinking about breast implants and wondering when is the best time for you to get breast implants? Our answer is there’s no time like the present! Summer is right around the corner, making spring a popular time for breast surgery. So if you’re considering implants, think about having them done now, so you’re ready for summer sooner rather than later.

Breast-augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, each year, more than 200,000 women undergo this surgical procedure, which is designed to enhance the appearance and the size of the breasts. In many cases, this procedure includes the use of silicone implants. Many breast-augmentation patients choose to combine their saline breast implant procedure with breast lift surgery to improve the final appearance of their breasts. 

The most common reason that people choose to have breast implants is to increase their self-confidence or improve their appearance. Other reasons women choose the breast-augmentation implant procedure include:

To correct asymmetry in the breasts. Breast asymmetry — or uneven breast volume — is common in women. It can occur due to pregnancy, weight gain, breastfeeding, genetics or other factors. In some cases, it may not be possible to reduce the size of the larger breast through diet and exercise alone. This condition requires surgical intervention.

For cosmetic enhancement. Some women feel uncomfortable with their breasts if they’re too small. They want bigger, fuller breasts. Others wish to enhance their natural beauty by enhancing the size and shape of their breasts with breast implants. 

Reconstruction. Women who have undergone mastectomy as part of cancer treatment often choose breast implants after their mastectomy procedure. 

To improve body shape. Many women find that breast implants help to create a better balance between the upper and lower half of their bodies. The result is a waistline that appears slimmer and an enhanced overall figure.

To enhance cleavage. If your breasts are large but saggy, breast implants can give you a more attractive look. You’ll also notice that your breasts will appear firmer and perkier.

To enhance the bust line. When you wear clothes that fit well, you’ll see how much difference breast implants make. Your chest will appear wider and fuller.

The Benefits of Breast Surgery

Women who receive breast implants or other breast surgery experience many benefits from the procedure. These include:

Better self-esteem. Many women report feeling better about themselves after having breast implants. They feel more attractive and feminine. 

Increased confidence. Women who have had breast implants feel more confident about themselves. 

Improved body image. Women who have breast implants usually notice a change in how others perceive them after they have enhanced their breast size. 

Clothes fit better. When you wear clothes that look good on you, you feel great about yourself. You’ll find that your wardrobe will seem more fashionable and flattering.

Cosmetic results last longer. Your new breasts should appear firmer and more youthful over time. If you decide to have breast implants removed, your new breasts will remain firm and beautiful.

What to expect during breast implant recovery: 

Swelling. During the first few days following surgery, you might see swelling in your breasts. This is normal. As the incisions heal, the swelling will subside.

Redness. After the incision has healed, you may notice redness in your breasts. This will dissipate within two to three months.

Discomfort. There can be some pain after your breast augmentation procedure. However, this discomfort will lessen over time. 

Why Breast Surgery Now? 

Here’s why you should get implants now: 

1. You can be ready for summer. Summer is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to show off your new look in new bathing suits this summer. The breast implant procedure recovery time lasts approximately four to six weeks. This timeline means that if you choose to have your procedure now, you will be ready for bikini season and all the fun summer brings, including swimming, that beach vacation, sports and more. 

2. You can feel better about your appearance sooner. As we mentioned above, there are several emotional and psychological benefits to enhancing your breasts with breast implants. So if you’ve been putting off feeling good about your body — stop! We suggest that you make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Peterson to get started on your new body now. 

3. You can be comfortable. Spring temperatures are cool enough for you to stay comfortable while you recover, and you can cover up comfortably as well. 

Have you decided it’s time for breast augmentation? Want to learn more about breast implants or other breast surgery and how they can benefit you? Call us now to schedule a consultation.