Your Topeka Breast Augmentation Experience: Trusting Dr. Jack Peterson

When it comes to getting the breast augmentation you’ve always dreamed of, trust is the most important factor. Choosing the right surgeon can make or break your experience. For those in Topeka, Kansas, there is no better choice than Dr. Jack Peterson. He is a world-renowned plastic surgeon and well-respected in the Topeka area for his incredible results and outstanding patient care.

About Dr. Jack Peterson

Dr. Peterson has been in practice for over 20 years and is a pioneer of the most advanced surgical techniques in plastic surgery. He attended the University of Kansas Medical School and completed his general surgery residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. He also had an additional six-year fellowship in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery at the New York University Medical Center. He brings his extensive knowledge and experience to every case he takes on.

What to Expect with a Breast Augmentation Consultation

When you schedule your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Peterson, you can expect a warm and welcoming environment. Dr. Peterson will take the time to understand your needs and goals and make sure you understand the procedure. He will discuss your desired size, shape, and type of implant, as well as incision options and enhancements. Dr. Peterson will also use state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology to provide you with a personalized visual of what your breast augmentation will look like.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

The breast augmentation procedure will take place in Dr. Peterson’s surgical suite at The Plastic Surgery Center of Topeka, Kansas. The anesthesiologist will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. A saddle block (regional numbing injection) is also performed to further alleviate discomfort and the need for general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery usually ranges from 60-90 minutes.

Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Patients are typically able to go home the same day as their procedure. It is important, however, for the patient to have someone to assist them when they return home. They should also rest, avoid strenuous activities, and take short walks to prevent blood clots from forming. Patients should wear a surgical bra for up to six weeks after the procedure to support the new implants, and will be advised on the appropriate return to normal activities.

Results of a Breast Augmentation Surgery

The results of a breast augmentation surgery are long-lasting and fulfilling. After the surgery has healed, patients will be able to see and feel their new implants. It is important to note, however, that it may take up to six months for the incision sites to fully heal, and for the implants to settle into their final position.

Why Choose Dr. Jack Peterson for Your Topeka Breast Augmentation

Dr. Jack Peterson is the most trusted plastic surgeon in Topeka, Kansas. He is a certified member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and has performed thousands of successful breast augmentation procedures in his career. His dedication and precision ensures that each patient receives the results they’ve always desired with the highest level of attention and understanding. With Dr. Jack Peterson, you can be confident that you are in good hands. Call today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation.