If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

We are living in the anti-aging age: Most people want to stay looking young and thin, and reverse the signs of aging as much as they can. The overwhelming desire to look more youthful often leads to a rise in procedures that make promises of fast fixes when it comes to correcting fine lines, getting rid of fat or perking up your posterior. These procedures yield little to no results, and some of them also leave you at risk of serious complications. Dr. Peterson recommends that patients looking for anti-aging or body-shaping treatments select only FDA-approved procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeons.


1.   Vacuum-butt lifting. Yes, this is a thing. Purveyors of the vacuum-butt lift procedure promise to give you a higher, more toned and more shapely posterior by applying suction cups to your butt and turning on a vacuum for 45 minutes. Providers offering this service say four to six treatments will leave you with permanent results and the booty of your dreams, but there is absolutely no proven butt-boosting benefit to this procedure. 

For a permanent boost to your bottom, opt for a Brazilian Butt Lift instead.

2.   Silicone injections. Although silicone injections are FDA-approved, they can leave you with complications like allergic reaction, rejection, rash or infection. Silicone injections can also have unpredictable results, and because they are not a solid piece of material like an implant, can be difficult to remove if something goes awry. Skip silicone injections and choose dermal fillers for your face that are based on collagen, calcium or hyaluronic acid instead. These dermal fillers have a low risk of rejection because they are made of elements already found in your body and have more predictable results than silicone.

3.    Pills, lotions or creams. Pass on pills, lotions or creams that make promises to increase or decrease the size of your breasts or butt. These products are really just full of empty promises and frustration. To boost your bust line, choose surgical breast augmentation or natural fat transfer breast augmentation that takes fat from another part of your body and puts it into your breasts to fill out, lift and reshape your bust.

4.    Extreme cheek fat removal. Excess facial fat can make some people self-conscious about their appearance, but take away too much fat from the face, and you will regret it later on. Facial fat volume gives the face a more youthful appearance, and when you lose it to surgery or aging, skin begins to droop and sag. The result is an older, more skeletal appearance. 

Leave your facial fat where it’s at or discuss with Dr. Peterson a conservative approach to reshaping your cheeks.

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