Break the Ice


#Breaktheice a recent, national survey of more than 2,000 men and women for frown lines between the eyebrows.. The campaign was recently launched in NYC with attendance of more than 30 editors from top publications such as Glamour,  InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Self magazine. Break the Ice is also generating buzz on traditional and social media channels


The sturvey showed that 74% of American men and women ages 30-50 would be interested in treatment for frown lines if the results looked natural and not frozen (break the ice). The survey showed that a person with frown lines looks stressed (39%) old (36%) or angry (24%). They report seeing frown lines on average at age 34, 77% report noticing frown lines on others  Men and women are more aware of their frown lines when they catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror (70%) and get ready in the morning (56%).


Digital technology has transformed Americans perception of facial aging. More than 70% of respondents report the use of technology made them realize their face looks older than they feel. For many, the digital wake- up call is seeing themselves in selfies (43%), tagged photos (33%) and on social media or “throwback Thursday” posts (33%)


Dysport a product in the Galderma,AspireRewards program is a great choice for many people interested in looking their best with natural –looking results. Set up a consultation with Dr. JackPeterson to discuss #BreaktheIce with Dysport.