You’ve lost 100lbs! Now what?

Intensive weight loss is both a difficult and noble feat to achieve, and the benefits are plentiful:  better mobility, better overall health, improved sense of wellbeing, and accomplishment.  Many people are dismayed, however, when they reach a 50 lb., 75 lb., or 100 lb. milestone to find that all this hard work and even success does not deliver the body they had hoped for.  Sagging flaps of skin droop where they were once supported by layers of fat and muscle that were either lost or have shifted place.  Dr. Jack Peterson specializes in body contouring procedures to help patients in this predicament get into the body they had hoped for.

Body contouring procedures are any cosmetic procedures that are designed to smooth the lines and curves of the human body to achieve a more normal appearance through the elimination of skin flaps and fortification of supporting tissue.  Common body contouring procedures include face lifts, upper arm lifts, breast lifts, tummy tucks, abdominal lifts, and medial thigh lifts.

For many women, one of the main self-esteem boosting procedures is the breast lift because, done right, it creates a clear definition between the breasts and the abdomen which enhances her profile to make it look younger, thinner and more toned.  Unlike when we do breast augmentation, the breast lift does not change the size of the breast, it merely fortifies the breast and surrounding tissue so that the breasts sit at a natural, younger looking position.

For men, one of the more popular post weight loss procedures is the abdominal lift that lends definition to the much sought after six pack abs from the below the pectoral muscles to the groin.  This not only provides definition to the muscles of the torso, but can also make evident the V shape of the body from the shoulders to the feet.

If you have lost a dramatic amount of weight and would like to see if body contouring could help you achieve your desired results, call our office at 785-234-9000 to schedule a consultation.