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The tummy tuck procedure is a great surgery for those who want to get rid of stubborn extra fat and excess skin on their midsection/abdominal area. It’s a popular procedure, with more than 3.8 million surgeries performed each year. The tummy tuck is effective in helping restore your body’s curves and […]


Good skin care is important. Here’s why: It helps your skin stay in good condition and helps you continue to look great. Your body sheds skin cells throughout the day, so having an effective cleansing, moisturizing and anti-aging routine is vital to prevent acne, treat wrinkles and help keep your […]

Once a person sustains a wound from an injury or even a surgical procedure, it may be evident sooner rather than later how badly the scar will develop after.  As scarring is a natural and very complex part of your wound healing, there’s not a lot you can do to […]


If you think about cosmetic or plastic surgery, you probably think immediately of women in their mid-40s or 50s who want to look younger. And while women represent about 93 percent of plastic and cosmetic procedures in the United States, the number of men seeking procedures is rising.  Why are […]


You may think that because elective procedures in many cases were put on pause during the pandemic that the demand for plastic surgery procedures went down. What happened is entirely the opposite.  According to a recent report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the demand for plastic surgery and […]


Having gastric bypass weight-loss surgery or experiencing a significant weight loss brings about many things: new confidence, improved health and feeling better about your appearance. Losing a lot of weight can also leave you with excess skin, which can also mean unwanted bulging, rashes or sweating in certain areas. Dealing with unwanted […]


Tax season is upon us, and for some people, that means owing money (ugh), while others can look forward to a refund. If you are lucky enough to get a refund, you may be planning to use it to pay off a bill, boost your savings, or buy something for […]


The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is changing many things for our society. From social-distancing rules to canceling summer travel plans to mask mandates to how kids go to school to even how we shop for groceries, there’s no doubt that things are different, and they’re different here in our office, too. […]

Undeniably, losing weight has great benefits: Your overall health is improved, your clothes fit better and your confidence increases. But, when you lose weight, you may gain something else: loose skin. And loose skin can mean increased feelings of self-consciousness and more worries about how your clothes are going to […]

Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreen What’s the difference?  Chemical sunscreens absorb into the skin and work by absorbing UV rays. Minerals sit on top of your skin and protect by reflecting UV rays. Minerals are much safer for sensitive skin and much less likely to cause irritation. Minerals Zinc oxide and Titanium Dioxide […]