After Weight Loss Plastic Surgery Can Help Reveal Your New Shape

Plastic surgery after significant weight loss helps to eliminate excess skin and fat that is left behind after losing a large amount of weight. This extra tissue can sag and droop in several areas, leaving you with a misshapen appearance. Dr. Peterson performs after weight loss plastic surgery to reduce this skin and give you a shapelier appearance.


Why Plastic Surgery after Dramatic Weight Loss

If you have lost a large amount of weight, you are likely experiencing loose skin that impacts how your clothes fit. You are likely anxious to update your wardrobe because your old clothes don’t fit any longer- but the extra skin you are carrying may prevent you from fitting into new clothes just yet. This is frustrating for many people who want to show off their new shape!

Extra skin can also leave you at risk for chafing, which can be painful. Some patients also experience rashes and skin infections from sweat and dirt that get trapped underneath the excess skin.

Wondering if You are a Candidate for Plastic Surgery After Losing Weight?

One of the most telling factors when considering after weight loss surgery is that you have a large amount of excess skin around your neck, upper arms, back, thighs, and abdomen. The breasts can also change significantly because of major weight loss, so you may also want to consider having a breast lift procedure to lift and reshape your breasts.

If you’re considering plastic surgery after losing weight, there are some factors to consider. One is that your weight is stable. Dr. Peterson suggests patients weight at least 6 months after you have hit your goal weight to make sure your weight has stabilized.

What Else Should I Know about Having Plastic Surgery After Losing Weight? 

One thing to know about surgery to reduce sagging skin and reshape your body after losing weight is that you will have some scarring. Some of these scars will be hidden, but some may be visible depending on the treatment area.

You should also be in good health when undergoing after weight loss surgery, or surgery of any kind. If you have any medical condition that could cause complications during or after the procedure, be sure to let Dr. Peterson know about it during your consultation. Patients should also not smoke or quit smoking at least 3 months before their surgery.

Finally, it’s important to know that the results of your surgery may be affected if you gain weight. Maintaining your weight after the surgery will ensure you also maintain your results.

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