Round or Teardrop: What Is the Best Breast Implant Shape?

Is 2018 the year that you get breast implants? If you’re researching breast augmentation options, you’ve likely considered questions like “Should I get silicone or saline?”, “Will my implant scars be visible?” and “What is the best implant size for my body?”

Dr. Peterson frequently hears these questions and many others when consulting with women who want breast implant surgery. Another question that patients often ask is “What shape of breast implant is right for me?”


There are two shapes of breast implants: round and teardrop.

Round breast implants. Round breast implants resemble a slightly flattened sphere. They are ideal for women who want to add more fullness in the top part of their breasts. Round implants also vary in diameter and in projection, which is the distance out from the chest wall.

Round implants have a smooth outer shell. They are also ideal for lifting sagging breasts and for creating cleavage. Round breast implants are the more popular of the two breast implant shapes.

A benefit of round breast implants is that if they rotate or shift position, the appearance of the breast does not noticeably change.  

Teardrop breast implants. Teardrop breast implants are in a teardrop shape, more narrow at the top and fuller at the bottom.

Despite their shape, many women feel that the teardrop breast implant has a greater projection than round breast implants.

Women who want a natural look from their implant procedure choose teardrop-shaped implants more frequently than round implants.

Teardrop breast implants have a textured surface to prevent rotation of the implant and distortion of the breast’s appearance. As a result, teardrop breast implants may be more expensive than round breast implants.

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