Dr. Peterson: The Breast Augmentation Expert

For Dr. Peterson, breast augmentation is not a one size fits all procedure. Breast augmentation is a highly personalized surgery, with many variables to consider. Dr. Peterson must consider the patient’s size, frame, and breast shape along with their desired look. He also has to make sure that patients know the difference between silicone gel and saline implants, about their choice. Dr. Peterson is an expert in breast augmentation surgery and wants to make sure his patients understand their options and the procedure from start to finish.

The first part of a breast augmentation with Dr. Peterson is the consultation. The consultation is critical for breast augmentations, so they can get real answers and understand what enhancement really means. Many patients start their augmentation journey researching online – and may not get the most factual information which can create unrealistic expectations.

During the consultation, Dr. Peterson takes detailed measurements of the patient in order properly size the implant to the patient and discusses their goal for the surgery. He examines the breasts for any anatomical condition that could impede or complicate the surgery. One such condition is tuberous breast syndrome, in which the breasts have malformed to a tubular shape as a result of a congenital abnormality. When patients have tuberous shaped breasts, they first must have reconstructive breast surgery in order prepare the body for implants.

Many patients also have an implant size in mind that may not fit their frame. To overcome this issue, Dr. Peterson provides patients with sizers so they are able to see how their desired size would actually look on their frame. Breast implants that are too large for a patient’s frame may result in rippling. If they are too small, they may look awkward or malpositioned.

Dr. Peterson also helps patients decide between silicone gel and saline implants. Many patients have an unfounded fear of silicone gel implants because of the controversy that surrounded them a few decades ago. The FDA put a moratorium on the use silicone gel implants in 1992, as a result of a perceived link between the implants and illnesses such as myasthenia gravis. As a result of this perceived link, a ban on silicone gel implants was implemented in the United States for 15 years. They only returned to the market after significant research and a lengthy investigation that proved there was no link between silicone gel implants and any illness. In fact, Dr. Peterson was one of the investigators who reviewed the research during the trial against the manufacturer, Dow Corning. The case was dismissed, and silicone gel implants came back onto the market in 2011. They have been popular ever since.

While silicone gel implants are very popular, there are some advantages to saline implants. One such advantage is Dr. Peterson can make a smaller incision when inserting the implant. Saline implants can also be easily adjusted for volume. However, Dr. Peterson cautions patients that saline implants do not have the same feel, texture, or drape as silicone gel. Silicone implants also look more natural than saline.

Dr. Peterson takes his time to consult and talk with his patients in order to make sure they attain the look they want with the best possible implant. If you want to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Peterson, give him a call today at 785-234-9000.