Is It Time for a Change?

Plastic surgery isn’t always about making a dramatic change. Sometimes patients seek out plastic surgery procedures to fix something very minor or change something small about themselves. Of course, these small changes can make a significant impact on not only how someone looks, but also how they feel about themselves. Dr. Jack Peterson is a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon who knows all about how less can be more.

When you think about breast augmentation, you likely think about things like implant size, cup size or implant volume. But, for many women, breast augmentation is not about size, it’s about aesthetics. Many women with small breasts want surgery to enhance the size of their breasts to gain cleavage so they look better in their clothes and feel more feminine.

Cleavage can be gained during the breast-augmentation procedure, and if cleavage is important to you, be sure to talk to Dr. Peterson during your consultation about how cleavage factors into your treatment goals.

To create cleavage, the distance between your breasts, skin laxity and the amount of breast tissue you have are measured and analyzed. Also, the size of the implant you are choosing, the material of the implant (saline/silicone) and how much tissue is between your breasts are also considered. Depending on these factors, Dr. Peterson may have to move your breast pockets closer together to create the cleavage you desire.

In addition to your breast-augmentation procedure, we suggest that you wear a cleavage-creating bra to give you an additional boost.

Breast augmentation can also help you attain cleavage if:

  • You feel that your cleavage is too broad; breast augmentation can help to move your breasts closer together.
  • You feel that your breasts are too close in the middle; breast augmentation can help separate your breasts to give you wider cleavage.
  • You have already had a breast-augmentation procedure and feel that your breasts are too far apart. In this situation, you may benefit from surgery to reposition your implants or fat grafting to move your breasts closer together.

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