It is every day that matters most



It’s every day that matters most

 A board certified plastic surgeon can work wonders taking away years of worry and stress. Dr. Jack Peterson in Topeka and Junction City sees patients every day that ask about the latest techniques to look younger.

 Long before you consider going to the operating room for a facelift, it is important to start with smooth skin and even tone.  Like your body needs food and water, skin also needs nutrients and sun protection.  Make sure you apply sunscreen and an antioxidant cream every day. Exfoliate 2-3 times per week. Be generous with your moisturizer.

 Beyond nutrition and sun protection, there are a host of injectable products like Botox, DysportRestylane and Juvederm that can refresh and rejuvenate patients’  faces.

 Women and men who begin age-defying treatments at a younger age will not only look younger but those youthful looks are easier and more effective to maintain.  Set up an appointment for evaluation and make a long-term plan. It’s every day that matters.