Not Just for Women Anymore


If you think about cosmetic or plastic surgery, you probably think immediately of women in their mid-40s or 50s who want to look younger. And while women represent about 93 percent of plastic and cosmetic procedures in the United States, the number of men seeking procedures is rising. 

Why are men seeking out more procedures? For the same reason women do! They want to look and feel their best.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that as of 2019 the demand for plastic surgery in men has increased by 28 percent since 2000. 

Dr. Jack Peterson offers both men and women a chance to look their best with face and body procedures, minimally invasive aesthetic services, and noninvasive treatments. 

Not Just for Women Anymore

Statistics collected by the ASPS show that in 2019, nearly 212,400 men underwent a plastic surgery procedure, representing 13 percent of all plastic surgery procedures performed that year.

Surgical procedures in demand for men included nose-reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery/eyelid-lift (blepharoplasty), liposuction, hair transplants and male breast reduction to treat gynecomastia, a condition that makes breast tissue swell in men and boys, usually related to hormonal imbalances. 

In addition to having surgical procedures in 2019, millions of men underwent non-surgical rejuvenation through various med-spa services. 

The most popular non-surgical treatments were:

  • Botox® 
  • Laser hair removal
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Dermal fillers
  • Chemical peels

More than 1 million men underwent non-surgical rejuvenation in 2019, representing 8 percent of all non-surgical cosmetic treatments that year.

Other popular minimally invasive procedures for men included services such as facials, IPL Photofacial and laser skin resurfacing. 

Motivating Factors for Men 

As we mentioned above, the motivating factors for men when seeking out plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures are similar to those of women. These factors include: 

Improved Appearance. Does anyone ever want to look older than they are? Gaining a new, more youthful appearance is the No. 1 reason men seek out plastic or cosmetic procedures. 

Improved Confidence. When you look younger, you feel more youthful. You also feel more confident about your appearance, making a big difference in relationships and the workplace. Pair an improved appearance and more confidence together for increased social success. 

Attracting a Partner. Many men are choosing to have “work” done to look more attractive to romantic partners. 

Longevity in the Workplace. Women frequently cite the other motivating factors we mentioned as reasons they seek out procedures, but men often report this one. Looking older can often carry a connotation that one cannot carry out their job functions or are no longer helpful and may need to be replaced. 

Social Media. Just like women, men can be influenced by social media. Social media drives the notion that we must keep up our appearance for success, wealth and relationships. 

Symmetry: Symmetry is the balance on both sides of the face or body, which does not always occur in nature. Plastic surgery procedures can bring symmetry to the face and body. 

Considerations for Men When It Comes to Plastic Surgery

In general, most men seeking out plastic surgery procedures do so to make their appearance more masculine. In most cases, men who seek out plastic surgery frequently have a particular look or final result in mind, and that look is usually one that is chiseled or athletic.

This look typically involves the shoulders being wider than the hips, which creates a V-shape to the frame. 

The look many men go for also involves projecting strength and athleticism: low body fat, larger muscles, and a more square, defined silhouette.

One area that men tend to want to improve is their chests. Most men wish to minimize fat (especially if they’re dealing with a case of unwanted male breast tissue) and tighten skin if they have loose skin due to weight loss or aging. 

Another common request of men for cosmetic procedures is achieving a “six-pack” of abdominal muscles. A six-pack is a very lean look that allows the abdomen to look chiseled and well-defined.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery?  

Good candidates — either male or female — should be in good overall health before undergoing plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance. Talk to Dr. Peterson about your health, health history and any medications you may use. 

Those who choose plastic surgery should also have reasonable expectations of their procedure and its ability to change their appearance.

Are you interested in plastic surgery? We’re here to help. Call us now for more information or to schedule a consultation to discuss our treatment options for men.