At any age, dipping a toe in the dating world is enough to make many people cringe hard and accept singledom forever. But getting back into the pool can be even harder for those over the age of 55. Single seniors are trying to make dating a little easier by making themselves more attractive, according to new stats from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The ASPS reports that more Americans age 55 and older are readily looking for cosmetic procedures to update their appearance. Dr. Jack Peterson sees patients of all ages looking to put their best face forward.

Swipe Right for Seniors?

The divorce rate among the baby boomer demographic has doubled since the 1990s. So, many individuals in this set are seeking out new partners, which means first impressions are very important. This is where cosmetic procedures can help by giving individuals confidence and a boost to their self-esteem when meeting new people.

And, it’s not just women seeking procedures. According to the ASPS, more men than ever are seeking out cosmetic procedures and citing the desire to get back to dating and attracting a mate as a reason.

If You Could Turn Back Time

While Cher’s song is great in theory, it’s not practical. And, it doesn’t apply to baby boomers. Many seniors aren’t looking to change their appearance back to how they looked in their 20s and 30s; they want to look as young as they feel! Many American adults over 55 are still vibrant and active. They just want their appearance to match their activity level and lifestyle.

Popular procedures among the senior set include both surgical and nonsurgical options. Surgical procedures include face-lifts to pull loose skin tighter, liposuction for body resculpting, and the blepharoplasty eyelid-lift procedure to remove excess fat and tissue that cause eyelid sagging, which makes a face look older than it is.

Other procedures such as breast implant augmentation and hair transplants are also trendy among baby boomers.

Nonsurgical procedures may include Botox to prevent wrinkles from forming and dermal filler injections to fill in areas of the face and even the hands that have aged and lost their fat volume. Other seniors are seeking noninvasive skin-tightening procedures to tighten loose skin without the downtime of surgery or Kybella injection to remove unwanted fat from under the chin.

If you’re looking to get back into the dating scene at any age and want to give yourself a new look, give Dr. Peterson a call at 785-234-9000.