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Lips. They’re not just the gateway to sweet smiles and sultry kisses; they’re a unique canvas showcasing individuality and personality. From the irresistible allure of full lips to the distinctive charm of downward-turned lips, our pout can tell a captivating story. In this journey through the world of lips, we’ll […]


You already know the benefits of injectable cosmetics like Botox, Dysport, and Kybella. And we can’t leave out those fabulous fillers like Sculptra and Restylane. From reducing wrinkles to plumping up the skin or reducing fat on the jowls, injectables are little miracle workers for the face. But do you […]


Kissing is a universal language that transcends cultures, historical eras, religions and even species. It’s an intimate act that can be used to express love, gratitude, and even lust. But what are the benefits of kissing? Depending on who we’re kissing, the benefits can vary greatly. The Benefits of Kissing […]


If you’re considering plastic surgery, you may spend a lot of time researching the procedure, but how much time have you spent researching your plastic surgery provider? Consultations aren’t just for the surgeon to decide if you’re a candidate, they’re also for you to decide if the surgeon is a […]


Forehead wrinkles are caused by repetitive facial expressions and activities like smiling, talking and blinking. They develop most commonly during middle age, but they can start much earlier. 11 lines are the two wrinkles between your eyebrows that visually form the number eleven. Forehead wrinkles can also be caused by […]


There’s no doubt that dermal fillers are in demand. Dermal fillers have been used for years to treat the signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines and creases, as well as facial volume loss.  Why Are Dermal Fillers Popular?  Dermal fillers are a great option when you want to correct […]


Every once in a while, wouldn’t it be nice to get a new look? Sure, we’ve all thought about tweaking something on our face. Maybe reshaping the nose, adding contour, a slight brow-lift, some dermal fillers to give our lips a boost, and different ways we can reshape our cheeks […]

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Did you know that your lips are unique, just like your fingerprints? And, like fingerprints, they can be used for identification?  The lines and wrinkles on lips vary from person to person, as does the shape of your lips, which also contributes to your unique identity.  7 Types of Lip Shape There […]

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There are four major components to the structural makeup of your face. They are skin, fat, muscle and bone, and as you age, they all can be affected by time and gravity.  When these components are affected, it can mean volume loss and the development of visible signs of aging, […]

Do you want an easy, effective and dynamic aesthetic solution to reduce the signs of aging? Does such a thing exist? It sure does! You can lift, tighten and smooth your face with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can also even reduce the appearance of future wrinkles. But how do you […]