The Most Common Questions About Face-Lifts

In a youth-driven culture like ours, careers, social lives, the dating scene – all of it – seem to rely heavily on appearance and making sure that said appearance is one of vibrant youth and beauty. Catching our reflection unexpectedly in a mirror after our 30s have come and gone often means looking at our reflection and wondering why what we see doesn’t match how we feel. Feeling young inside, unfortunately, does not stop the hands of time when it comes to aging, especially on our faces. Thanks to modern medicine we can take action, and through procedures like face-lifts we can begin to match more closely the age we feel to the age we look. 

Here are a few of the most common questions we hear when it comes to face-lifts: 

Is a Face-Lift Right for Me?

There’s no perfect age to get a face-lift, but what many patients are surprised to find out is that the earlier the better is actually the recommendation when it comes to this procedure. That’s not to say anyone in their 20s needs a face-lift, but having the procedure done when skin is still maintaining some of its elasticity and tissue volume leads to much better results. 

What Is Recovery Like After a Face-Lift?

After your face-lift procedure you are likely to experience some swelling and bruising for a few weeks. Everyone heals at a different rate, and some may be ready to return to work and daily activities after just a few days while others may prefer to take two to three weeks to fully recover. 

Will There Be Visible Scarring?

As with most surgeries, scarring does occur, but thankfully with a face-lift those scars can be hidden quite well in the hairline and the natural contours of the face. 

Are the Results of a Face-Lift Immediately Noticeable?

Swelling and bruising does occur in the weeks immediately following the surgery. After about week three or four, most of this begins to subside, and the results of your procedure become evident. Then you can start truly enjoying your youthful new look. 

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