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Pia’s Story After giving birth to two children, Pia was […]

Pia’s Story

After giving birth to two children, Pia was unable to lose the weight she had gained during pregnancy and after 8 years of childrearing.   She lived with the issue for some time but began to realize she wanted to do something about it.  “I am a thick woman and that is something that I like about myself.” Pia said.  “Call it cultural differences, but having thighs and hips really just defines my femininity, so my weight, though at the higher end of the scale, was not my major source of concern.  It was just the extra “saggage” around my middle that was the bane of my existence.”

That extra weight around her middle caused difficulties in several areas of Pia’s life.  She explained, “ I’ve never been big into shopping, but this all just made it worst.  I would buy clothes in much bigger sizes to hide all of my extra belly, only to find out that it looked horrible.  If I bought something that mostly fit me, it would hug this horrible, unsightly area.  Needless to say, there were several times when I just cancelled my plans and stayed at home, ultimately eating and holding a major pity party!”

The extra weight was also painful.  “Have you ever had a fanny-pack?” Pia asked.  “Maybe not, but try to imagine a fanny-pack strapped around your waist and loaded to the brim with whatever.  Now, imagine doing jumping jacks or sit-ups, or dancing around your living room with your friends, or trying to get into a yoga pose and the strain that that causes.  Not fun, to say the least.  That was the physical part of it, but the emotional aspect was just as bad.”

Pia knew it was time to do something about the extra weight she had gained beginning with her first pregnancy.


While Pia struggled with her weight gain, she also struggled with the idea of cosmetic surgery.  She considered a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and began her research.  “On the one hand, I saw all these before and after pictures that looked absolutely amazing and so I set my mind to do it.  But then I thought about it being a surgery and everything that could go wrong, and I’d change my mind.  A major aspect was just the fact that this was something major, both financially and emotionally. ” Pia said.   “My husband was the deciding factor, well, his support and encouragement, that is. ”

Pia sought out Dr. Jack Peterson who was referred to her from a friend.  She made the consultation with Dr. Peterson because of the referral and his excellent credentials but she chose Dr. Peterson as her surgeon because of how she was treated.  “Dr. Peterson was great, very to the point and no nonsense,” Pia said.  He listened to my concerns, answered my questions and told me how he could help, and did it all while putting my mind at ease.  It was much simpler than I had expected and better than I could have imagined.   He made me feel like I was not abnormal for doing this.  He was very comforting.”  In fact, Pia thought Dr. Peterson’s entire team was very warm and comforting.

So, with the support of family and friends, Pia chose to go forward with a tummy tuck to get the shape she envisioned for herself.


Pia was immediately pleased with her results and happy she made the decision to do a tummy tuck with Dr. Peterson.  “The surgery went well and the recovery is even better,” Pia said. “ Seeing myself like this is…I can’t even find the words to describe it.  My body matches how I feel and I don’t have to hide anymore.  I feel good in my body and in my clothes.  What’s really funny to me is that other people notice it too.  I’ve had countless friends come up to me and say that I look good and so much happier.  Now, that’s saying something!  I can’t say it enough, but this feels AMAZING!!!

And, Pia has interesting, heartfelt advice for anyone considering a cosmetic surgery procedure.  “One thing that plagued me was the fact that I hadn’t done this on my own, meaning, it wasn’t the dieting and workouts that got me here.  I felt, at first, as if having this surgery would forever reduce me to a status of ‘cheat’ or something like that.  Here’s what I had to realize, though; there comes a time in everyone’s life when you need a little help.  That’s simply life.  Granted, the level and type of help we need differs from person to person and depending on the severity of the situation, but it’s help, nonetheless. This was an area of concern for me and with support, encouragement and lots of love, I got the help that I needed and deserved.  I am happier now than I have been in a very long time and that happiness stems from being given the ability to look myself in the mirror and LOVE what I see!”

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