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Marilyn’s Story Marilyn‘s journey with breast reconstruction began in 2008 […]

Marilyn’s Story

Marilyn‘s journey with breast reconstruction began in 2008 with a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2008. It was difficult enough dealing with the cancer as a mother of three. Marilyn had her right breast removed due to the cancer and chose to go with a prosthetic breast immediately after the mastectomy. “With three kids at home, I didn’t consider having anything done,” she said, thinking back to her days right after cancer treatment.

Over the years, Marilyn experienced all the inconveniences and feelings that went along with having only one breast. “You feel incomplete as a woman,” Marilyn said. “Some of your body has been taken from you and it affects your self-esteem.”

Marilyn encountered issues with her clothes fitting properly and she felt like it made her unattractive. “With some of my shirts, it was obvious that I only had one breast,” Marilyn said. “And, I looked lop-sided in a lot of clothes. I couldn’t wear anything tight anymore.”

After years of dealing with the prosthetic and the feelings of being physically incomplete, Marilyn decided it was time for breast reconstruction. “With the kids grown,” she said., “I decided it was time to start.”


With her mind made up, Marilyn began the search for a plastic surgeon for her breast reconstruction. She began searching on the Internet for surgeons. Her search took her to many doctors‘ web sites but she liked what she saw from Dr. Jack Peterson.

“ I liked what I saw in his work,” Marilyn said. I also didn‘t find any negative comments. That was important to me.” Marilyn found her treatment as a patient was consistent with what she saw online. “Dr. Peterson and his team were great!” Marilyn said. “He took the time to explain all the details to me. And, his team was just great in how they treated me.”

Marilyn began a series of surgeries to restore her breast and give her balance. In March 2014, she had an expander implanted to begin the breast reconstruction. In July 2014, Marilyn had her implant placed and a lift on her left breast to balance out her appearance.

She was on her way to feeling physically restored again.


Marilyn’s recovery went very smoothly. “The first surgery to put in expanders, Dr. Peterson cut me over my mastectomy scars (to eliminate more scarring). It was sore for a few weeks but got better fast,” Marilyn said. “For my fills (for the expander), it didn’t hurt at all during the injections. The surgery for my implant went great! It didn’t hurt at all.”

Procedures Preformed

Now, Marilyn feels physically whole again and no longer has to deal with the clothing and comfort issues she had in her years when she was missing her right breast. “My day to day life is good,” Marilyn said as she waits for the final step in her reconstruction, nipple reconstruction for her new right breast. “I feel more confident about myself.”

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