A Ripple Effect

You probably already know that plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures can change how you look, but what else can they change? According to some researchers, additional benefits of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments include job promotions, attracting potential new partners, gaining friends, and even increasing the change of being elected to office. Find out the benefits of plastic surgery procedures and the benefits of using Dr. Jack Peterson in this blog.

A New Look. Yes, this is the most obvious benefit of plastic surgery. Whether you want to reduce the signs of aging, fix facial asymmetry, change the shape of something, take away from one body area or add to another, Dr. Peterson can help. We offer a wide range of facial and body services to meet your needs.

A Bigger Paycheck. According to a study by the Reserve Bank of St. Louis, individuals who were rated as less attractive than average made almost 10 percent less than those who were ranked as average regarding attractiveness. Individuals who were rated as more attractive than average made 5 percent more than individuals who were considered average looking.

Moving Up. In the past few years, the number of men seeking plastic surgery has increased. Why? Many men feel that they need to maintain a youthful appearance to keep a competitive edge in the workplace.

Making Friends. Researchers at the Association of Psychological Science say that when someone feels more attractive, they have more confidence and attract more friends. Additionally, when you’re more confident, you also attract potential suitors, too.

Getting Elected to Office. Would you be surprised to learn that people who are deemed more attractive have a better chance of getting elected to public office? Recent studies have shown that good-looking candidates tend to win over average-looking candidates. Additionally, the better looking you are, the higher your odds of getting out of a traffic ticket, too!

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