Breast-Reduction Surgery Can Reduce Pain, Numbness

Do you have pain in your neck, back or bra strap area caused by large breasts? If you’re experiencing pain, rashes or skin irritation caused by large breasts, it may be time to consider having a breast reduction. Dr. Peterson has extensive experience performing the breast-reduction procedure and other breast surgeries. Read on to see if you may be a good candidate.


Reasons to Consider a Breast Reduction

Pain. Pain is the No. 1 reason women seek out the breast-reduction procedure. The weight of large or pendulous breasts is a pain in the neck – literally. Heavy and large breasts can pull the body out of position and cause pain and bad posture. Some women also experience migraine pain because of their large breasts.

Numbness. Numbness and tingling in the breasts are also common side effects of having larger breasts. Numbness can also occur in the fingers, hands, wrists and other body areas because the weight of the breasts compresses nerves. 

Breathing Difficulty. It may be hard to believe, but the weight of large, heavy breasts can also push on your lungs and make it difficult to breathe.

Skin Problems. Rashes and yeast infections are common for women who have very large breasts. In many cases, heat and sweat get trapped under the breasts, which can lead to irritation and infections.

Bra Strap Grooves. If your breasts are very large, your bra may not give you the support you need. As a result, the weight of the breasts pulls on the straps of your bra and creates large and sometimes painful indentations in the shoulders.

Feeling Self-Conscious. Many women with large breasts report feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious because of their breasts. Some women also complain that their large breasts make finding clothes that fit properly very difficult.

Large breasts can also make exercising such as running or cross fit very difficult or painful.

If you’re in pain, tired of bra strap grooves or skin rashes, frustrated because your large breasts are getting in the way of your workouts, or you just want smaller breasts, it may be time to talk to Dr. Peterson about having a breast reduction. Call 785-234-9000 to find out your options for breast-reduction surgery.