Eyelash Extensions: This Alternative is Worth a Look

Do you suffer from eyelash envy? If you covet thicker and longer eyelashes and are considering over-the-counter eyelash extensions, you might want to stop and read this. Dr. Peterson offers patients a way to safely boost their lash length and volume with Latisse, the only FDA-approved prescription product for fuller lashes.  

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are similar to hair extensions, but on a much smaller scale. Eyelash extensions are single false eyelashes that are glued onto your natural eyelashes. They are designed to grow along with your natural eyelashes, giving them length, thickness and fullness. Eyelash extensions are presently very popular because they look natural and last a few weeks to a few months.


Why Are Eyelash Extensions a Bad Idea? 

Right after your extensions are placed, your lashes do look thick, full and fantastic. But after just a few weeks, your eyelash extensions will begin to thin and fall out. While it is normal to lose eyelashes occasionally, the weight of extensions can cause your natural lashes to fall out prematurely. Frequent use of eyelash extensions could leave you with permanent bald spots instead of the full and thick lashes you were trying to achieve in the first place.

Other problems with eyelash extensions include allergic reactions to the glue that is used to place them. This glue is frequently formaldehyde-based and can cause reactions like burning, redness and swelling, which will certainly draw attention to your eyes, but for the wrong reasons! 

Some patients have also developed eye infections as a result of the bacteria and dirt that become trapped in the glue used to adhere the extensions. Serious infections can also result if the person applying the lashes is not using sterile methods working around your eye. These infections may impair vision or cause blindness. 

Some far less serious but still frustrating complaints of eyelash extension wearers include the inability to shower or get your eyes wet for at least two days after the procedure, and that certain facial cleansers are off limits because they may dissolve the extension adhesive.

Latisse Can Help You Grow Thicker and Fuller Eyelashes

Latisse can give you the thick and full eyelashes you want in just 16 weeks. Originally marketed as a medication to treat patients with glaucoma, physicians noticed that patients using the medication had thicker and longer eyelashes over time. Latisse is FDA-approved and only available from physicians, which means you don’t run the risk of having someone unlicensed or unqualified working near your eyes. 

Latisse works by extending the growth phase of the eyelash and increasing the number of lashes that grow. This way, you get both thicker and longer lashes without swollen, red eyes and the risk of losing your lashes completely.

Want longer lashes without hassle? Learn about Latisse. Call Dr. Peterson today at 785-234-9000.