Finish the Journey

Losing a large amount of weight – whether through a healthy diet, regular exercise routine or weight-loss surgery – is no easy feat. Significant weight loss often comes with a lot of work, a change in habits and a test of patience. Significant weight loss can also come with the unintended consequence of loose skin.

This loose skin tends to develop around the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks. If you’re struggling with loose or sagging skin, you may have considered a surgical procedure to remove it. The most common procedures individuals consider after a significant weight loss or weight-loss surgery include:

Lower body-lift. This procedure removes excess skin and fat around the abdomen, outer thighs and the buttocks.

Thigh-lift. The thigh-lift procedure targets excess skin and fat in the area of the upper inner thigh.

Tummy tuck. Also known as the abdominoplasty procedure, the tummy tuck removes unwanted fat, skin and other tissue from the abdomen. During the procedure, the abdominal muscles are repaired and tightened.

Arm-lift. The arm-lift is also called a brachioplasty, and the procedure removes loose skin and tissue in the upper arms. Say “bye-bye” to “bat wings!”

Breast-lift. Another consequence of weight loss can be changes to the breasts. For women, the breasts can sag, and for men, excess skin can give the appearance of “breasts.” The breast-lift procedure removes unwanted skin and excess tissue, lifts the breasts and improves contour.

Face-lift. When you lose weight in your body, you also frequently lose weight in your face. The face-lift procedure helps to lift and tighten the skin and tissue on the face and the underlying muscles of the face. If your eyelids are sagging a little after your weight loss, you may want to consider the eyelid-lift (blepharoplasty) surgery.

Not sure what procedure is best for you, or do you want multiple procedures and don’t know where to start? That’s OK! It can be overwhelming to decide what works best and when to have a procedure. Dr. Peterson can help you identify what treatments would work the best to meet your body-shaping and contouring goals and give you additional information on how to get ready for surgery.

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