Stay in the States: Part 1

It may seem silly to think about in the modern age of social media and sharing selfies, but just a few years ago, plastic surgery was a pretty taboo topic. People who had procedures often had them while on “vacation.” But now, even though more people have accepted plastic surgery, some still choose to have plastic procedures while on vacation – not because they don’t want people to know they’ve had work done, but because they want to save money. 

Dr. Jack Peterson advises potential plastic surgery patients to stay stateside for their plastic surgery procedures instead of leaving the country in this two-part blog series.

Travel Taboo

Don’t get us wrong, taking a vacation is a must. But, having plastic surgery in another country is something totally different altogether. Yes, we know you’ve seen the advertisements for cheap breast augmentation, liposuction and Brazilian Butt-Lifts, but these low price tags often have hidden costs and risks you may not have realized.

Too Good to Be True

While a low price tag seems like a good deal, you should be wary of any deal that seems too good to be true. Some considerations to make include:

1. Complications and revisions. Plastic surgery is real surgery, and it carries the risk of complications. If you have difficulties following surgery here in the States, you can likely see your plastic surgeon quickly versus being thousands of miles away. Having your procedure in another country means that follow-up care is going to be difficult (and expensive). It also means that if you need something revised, you may be out of luck or working to find a surgeon in the U.S. for a fix.

If your complications are serious, like an infection or blood clots, and you stay in the country where you’ve had your surgery, you could end up in a dangerous situation and in a place where treatment standards or protocols are not as rigorous as those here. If you do come back to the United States after your procedure and your complication develops here, doctors treating you may not be able to obtain a complete record of what procedures you had done abroad. This situation can make treating you a challenge.

If you have to have revision surgery to fix the work you had done overseas, you could end up paying more, too.

2. Travel trouble. The places where people go overseas for plastic surgery often require long flights and a lot of travel time. Getting to your destination may not be a big deal, but coming home after surgery leaves you at risk of developing post-surgical blood clots. This is a very real and grave danger that can lead to severe or fatal complications such as heart attack and stroke.

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