Turn That Frown Upside Down

Have you heard the great news? There’s a new FDA-approved treatment to help eliminate frown lines! Jeuveau is similar in many ways to Botox – in fact, the manufacturer of Jeuveau has been using the hashtag #newtox to promote the product – but because it is a purely cosmetic treatment with no potential medical uses, unlike Botox, it’s expected to be priced slightly lower than its competitor. 

Now that there is yet another player in the wrinkle-fighting game, you may be asking yourself what other options are out there and what’s the difference between them all. In general, they all last roughly the same amount of time before needing a refresh, they’re all about equally safe and the price points are very close. But, let’s break down a few of the basic details for you so you can make the most educated decision for your treatment.


Obviously the most common treatment for wrinkles, Botox is not just used for aesthetic purposes. Some medical uses for this treatment include migraines, eyelid muscle issues, excessive sweating and even urinary incontinence. When it comes to wrinkle reduction it’s also used for crow’s feet and forehead lines in addition to frown lines between the brows. On average, the results of Botox take around 48 hours to truly show a difference. This lands Botox in the middle of the three when it comes to onset time.


Sometimes referred to as “naked,” this injectable has zero additives, which means that your body is less likely to become resistant to it and it does not need to be refrigerated for storage like the others. It contains just one ingredient: botulinum toxin A. It takes on average four days for the results to take action, slightly longer than the other options. 


This injectable begins working within 24 hours and is the fastest when it comes to actionable results. It’s also typically more affordable per unit than Botox and Xeomin. Some patients benefit from Dysport’s ability to spread slightly better than others, especially if they’ve become resistant to Botox, but this can also lead to problems with drooping after the positive effects of the treatment have worn off.

The best way to decide which injectable is best for your frown lines or other problem areas is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Peterson so we can discuss your unique situation and come up with a personalized treatment plan. 

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