Aging, Gravity Can Affect Plastic Surgery Results


Aging and gravity affect us all – and all parts of our bodies. Skin sags, parts of the body begin to droop or fall a bit, and the skin does not look as young as it used to. While plastic surgery can help restore shape to the body, improve aesthetics and return parts to their natural position, these areas can still be affected by factors like age, weight and gravity. It’s true. Dr. Peterson performs many different plastic surgery treatments and reminds patients of some important things to consider to maintain results after surgery. 


1. Size Matters. The larger the implant, the more potential for your implant to sag. This is due to the weight of the implant and the force of gravity. If you are unsure if your implants are sagging, look in a mirror. If your nipples are pointing slightly downward, your breasts have begun to fall.

2. What’s Weight Got to Do with It? A lot. Maintaining a healthy weight will help prevent excess tissue from developing in the breasts, which will reduce premature breast-implant sagging.

3. Age Is Unavoidable. Let’s face it: Age is unavoidable. The impacts of aging on the breasts include the breakdown of connective tissues and skin that keep the breast implants in place. This could lead to sagging breasts.

4. Bra Basics. We know you love your new breasts for a lot of reasons, and one of those reasons is because they are perkier than your natural boobs. Since they are so perky, you may be tempted to go without a bra. Going without a supportive bra may be comfortable, but Dr. Peterson advises breast implant patients to wear supportive bras and sports bras to give implants the support they need and to keep your breasts where you want them.

If you find that your breast implants have begun to sag, you may want to discuss your options for plastic surgery with Dr. Peterson. You may be interested in a smaller implant or in the mastopexy breast-lift procedure to remove excess skin and unwanted breast tissue and to return your breasts to a higher place on the chest.

Do you have questions about minimizing breast-implant sagging or do you want to talk to Dr. Peterson about breast implant augmentation? Schedule a consultation today at 785-234-9000.