Try Them on for Size

If you purchase something without trying it on and need an adjustment here or there, you can probably find someone to make your item fit you better. But, isn’t it easier to try something on first to see if it is the right size? 

It’s one thing if you’re getting a dress taken in a little here or there or getting your pants hemmed. It’s quite another if you’re getting breast implants. Dr. Jack Peterson performs hundreds of breast implant procedures every year and makes sure each patient gets the right size implant.

Can You Really Try on Breast Implants?

Yes, you can. And it’s a process that will pay off in the end. You may come in with a certain cup size or a number of CCs in mind, but what you think you want and what looks best are two different things. We can help you find the right shape, size and style of implant to ensure the best fit.

So, What Should You Expect During Your Consultation? 

When you come in for your consultation, our No. 1 goal is to find the best implant option for you. So, the best way to do that is to try on a variety of implant options.

During your consultation, Dr. Peterson will measure your rib cage shape and your chest dimensions and discuss with you the options you have available from a full range of implant sizes and profiles based on those measurements.

Tips for Trying on Implants

Since your new breast shape will be a part of your body and your life, you need to develop a realistic image of yourself after implants. To create this image, we suggest that you:

Bring a few different outfits. Note: These outfits should be clothes that you already wear and a range of modes – from workout clothes to casual to work attire.

Consider cleavage. Be sure to bring a low-cut, plain shirt to help you see what your cleavage will look like with each implant option.

Bring a friend. Bring a good friend with you to help give you honest and objective advice about what looks best on you.

Think about why you’re getting breast implants. Are you getting breast implants because you want cleavage? Want to fill out a sweater better? Want to feel more confident about your appearance? Whatever the reason, keep it at the heart of your decision-making during the sizing and selection process.

Speak up. Ask Dr. Peterson questions about the implants and how they would appear on your frame. He is very experienced in helping patients find the best implant size for them and can give you the insight you are looking for – and the look you want!

If you’re interested in learning more about breast implants, give Dr. Jack Peterson a call at 785-234-9000.