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Jana’s Story Jana lost 120 lbs. the hard way. It […]

Jana’s Story

Jana lost 120 lbs. the hard way. It took her eleven months but with changes to her diet and properly intensive exercise, Jana lost the weight. “Being overweight, I felt like I had lost so much time, not wanting to go outside, not being able to play with my kids,” she said. Jana chose a lifestyle change and, as a goal, wanted to be healthier and to look the part. “How did I do it?” she said when asked about her weight loss. “Good, old hard work! I didn‘t do a gastric bypass; I did it with diet and exercise.”


“Dr. Peterson was honest and realistic with me,” Jana explained. “I like his straight-forward approach to what he can and can’t do and what the results will be. He and his staff were wonderful and gave me time to ask questions and address concerns about the procedure.”

Despite living three hours away, Jana chose Dr. Peterson and made the decision to have him perform a breast lift and augmentation and a tummy tuck that would remove loose skin from her abdomen. When healed, these procedures would give her the proportional, healthy shape she desired. With this step, she would finally meet her goal of a healthy looking shape to go with her healthy lifestyle.


The breast lift and augmentation is actually two procedures that combine to restore sagging breasts and give them a healthy, full shape. These procedures often are the key to developing a proportionate look that makes it easier to find flattering clothing.

Jana’s success story began with the hard work and commitment to lose the weight and reached a point of satisfaction through carefully selected body surgeries by Dr. Jack Peterson. “I would do it again in a heartbeat,“ Jana said of her decision to choose the procedure from Dr. Peterson. “I was very confident going into the procedure that he would do a good job and he did.”

Procedures Performed

Now, a year after her surgery, Jana is happy every day with the results of her work and choice for cosmetic surgery. “I feel much more comfortable with my new look after the procedure. I am more proportioned with the rest of my body. Last fall (before surgery but after the weight loss), I was shopping for clothes that came down low and covered my excess skin around my abdomen and hips. This fall I am looking for clothes that show off my new flat abdomen and belts that accentuate my smaller waist.”

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  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Augmentation