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Jennifer’s Story Jennifer worked hard to lose one hundred and […]

Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer worked hard to lose one hundred and fifty pounds after having her twins. Most people gain some weight back when they lose a large amount, but Jennifer kept the weight off for eight years.    She was active, worked out six times each week and maintained a more ideal weight for the best part of a decade.  The only nagging issue remaining from the weight loss was the loose skin in her abdomen.

“My clothes did not fit properly and I had skin irritations from the excess skin,” Jennifer said.  “Overall, I was just unhappy with my appearance.

So, Jennifer began to search for plastic surgeon for her tummy tuck.  Jennifer chose Dr. Peterson for a surgery consultation because of his excellent online reviews.  And, as someone who works in surgery, Jennifer knew what to look for.  “I chose Dr. Peterson because, after researching several doctors, he had the best reputation, lowest infection rate, and overall great patient satisfaction.”  Jennifer also looked at a factor many people do not consider, but should: revision.  “Dr. Peterson has a very low revision rate, meaning his patients are not going back to him for corrections.  That was important to me.”


Jennifer liked Dr. Peterson and his staff.  “The staff was very attentive and the nurses were fantastic!” Jennifer said.  “ Dr. Peterson is a nice guy and explains everything he is going to do very well.   For me, I need someone who is going to be a good communicator.  I would have opted not to get the surgery if we hadn’t had good communications.”

Jennifer had breast augmentation surgery previously in her life.    That experience combined with her medical background made her feel very confident in her screening process.  “This tummy tuck surgery was a big deal,” she said.   “The scar was going to be around three-fourths of my body, so I needed someone how I could trust.”

The procedure went smoothly and Jennifer was pleased with Dr. Peterson, his team and the hospital.   “I was well prepared for that day,” she said.


“My results have been really good!” Jennifer said.  “The scar looks amazing.  It’s healed up nicely and I was back to working out in about five weeks.” 

After making the right choice of doctor, Jennifer said, “My clothes fit great now!  I’m proud of my results and I’m so pleased!  Looking better equals feeling great! ”

Procedures Preformed

For others considering the procedure, Jennifer recommends it but advises other patients to be ready.  “It’s not an easy surgery. I’d recommend three weeks minimum off work to recover.  Listen to the doctor’s instructions. 
It’s a long recovery but so worth it all in the end!!!”

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