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Lacey’s Story It took Lacey about a year to make […]

Lacey’s Story

It took Lacey about a year to make lifestyle changes and lose 100 pounds. It was a major accomplishment but when she hit her goal, she realized there was one more thing she needed to do before achieving the body she was seeking. “I had lost a lot of weight and felt better about myself but still had a lot of loose sagging skin.” Lacey said. “No matter how much I worked out or ate right I still couldn’t do anything about the extra skin.”

“I was uncomfortable in everything I wore,” she said. “I felt like I had done so much to look better and didn’t think I looked better at all. I hated going out I wanted to be self confident but couldn’t get past what I saw when I looked in the mirror.

In the past, Dr. Jack Peterson had performed a breast reduction for Lacey, so she was comfortable and familiar with Dr. Peterson. So, she asked Dr. Peterson for a consultation. Lacey had great confidence in Dr. Peterson. “He is a very good and thorough doctor. I wouldn’t have gone to anyone else,” she said.


Following her consultation, Lacey decided on a brachioplasty, a tightening of the skin on the arms, and an abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck. Those procedures would tighten up the loose skin caused by Lacey’s dramatic weight loss.

Lacey was intent on reaching her goal of an improved body shape. She had put in the work dieting, exercising, running already. So, the decision to have the surgery as the final step in her transformation came easily to her. “I just decided one day that it didn’t matter the cost and the pain would be totally worth it in the end.”

Lacey found Dr. Peterson very reassuring and as capable as ever. “He is really friendly. And told me what I could do to make me feel better,” she said. And, shortly after some healing, she began to see the results she had envisioned when she started her transformation.


“I have so much more self confidence.” Lacey said a few months. I love going shopping and trying on new clothes. I feel like a different person.”

Procedures Performed

She had a great experience the first time she went clothes shopping after her recovery. “I got a tight black dress and it fit me perfectly. It was the first thing I tried on! First time that had ever happened and I’d never bought a dress like that before.”

That experience was one of the first rewards for all of her hard work and dedication. Her arm reduction and tummy tuck had completed the work she started a year earlier. “The only thing I regret is waiting so long. I am so much happier now,” she said.

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