Can Pore Size Really Be Changed?

Skin goes through many changes as we age. Collagen production slows down, skin becomes less elastic, and wrinkles and creases seem to form much faster. One other effect of aging is that our pores get larger, causing our complexions to look bumpy and blotchy. If your pores have increased in size because of aging, sun damage or acne, Dr. Peterson offers several skin solutions for you.


How Does Aging Affect Pores?

As our bodies age, our skin produces less collagen, which causes the skin around our pores to become slack. When the skin is loose, it pulls the small opening of the pores wider. When the pores widen, they clog easily with dirt, dead skin and sebum, the oil created by your skin. This further stretches out your pores and eventually causes blemishes.

Sun damage also causes larger pores, because the UV rays of the sun break down the collagen in the skin, making the once-firm skin around the pores loose.

Can I Make My Pores Smaller?

There are many products on the market that claim to reduce pore size. From charcoal masks to Retinol-based creams, these products can make your pores at least look smaller, but they may not actually change the size of your pores at all. These products work temporarily by drying out your skin. Once the skin rehydrates, your pores will return to their larger size.

Do I Have to Live With Large Pores?

No! There are treatment options that truly reduce the size of your pores, instead of just making them look temporarily smaller. One of these treatments is laser skin resurfacing using the CO2 laser. This laser treatment resurfaces the skin and stimulates collagen production, which shrinks the size of your pores.

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